Playing Politics: The Strategies of Successful Lobbying Firms in Boston

Playing Politics: The Strategies of Successful Lobbying Firms in Boston

The lobbying landscape is expanding in Massachusetts as lobbying spending is increasing. According to recent data, the total lobbying spending in Massachusetts in 2020 was $85.6 million. This was only 2% down from 2019, despite the pandemic. The Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association was at the top in lobbying spending. The Massachusetts Association of Health Plans closely followed it. And these top spending firms have selected the most successful lobbying firms in Massachusetts for their work.

If you've watched any of the political campaigns that have been going on this year, you might be wondering what makes some lobbying firms more successful than others. After all, many of them have similar clients and goals. Why do some lobbyists succeed while others fail?

For instance, one of the biggest lobbying firms in the US spent only $1.23 million in 2020 and is still successful. The answer lies in how they approach their work. This post will examine the strategies to help a lobbying firm in Boston, MA, succeed.

Start Building Relationships With Elected Officials in Boston

Building relationships with politicians is an essential part of being a successful lobbyist. Once you have established yourself as an expert in your field, it is time to begin meeting with elected officials and decision-makers. To build strong relationships with these people, they must know who you are and what business you represent.

Additionally, you should know whom to connect with. There are a lot of elected individuals, each elected to manage different work. Hence, you must know who can be of the best help to you. This will require keeping up with the list of Boston's city councils. You can get the entire list from the City of Boston government website.

You will want to ensure that any contact information for yourself or the company that hired you is easily accessible on all forms of communication, including email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter.

Any leading Boston lobbying firm will focus on building relations with the right individuals to accomplish their work. Take the example of Corry Associates, a successful Boston-based lobbying firm.

In her testimonial, Mary Kay Wydra, President of the Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau, says that Corry Associates is diligent, hardworking, and well-connected.

It emphasizes how crucial it is for lobbying firms to network and build relationships with people in positions of power.

Conducting Research and Analysis

Conducting research and analysis is a crucial part of lobbying. It's needed to support the arguments made by lobbyists, and it can also be used to identify new opportunities for lobbying or potential problems for your client.

In addition to identifying issues that need to be addressed, research helps you understand how they were handled in the past to make an informed decision about how best to proceed.

The pharmaceutical and health products industry was one of the biggest spenders in 2022, with an expenditure of $373,743,282. It is because research and analysis are vital to running this sector.

Diversifying Your Clientele

As a lobbying firm, one of the most important things you can do is diversify your client base. The more clients you have, the less any individual company will be able to affect your bottom line.

For example, if a large pharmaceutical company decides not to renew its contract with your firm because they're unhappy with its profits from certain drugs, you've got plenty of other companies who are happy with the work you've done for them and will continue using your services for years to come.

Lobbying firms need to maintain a diverse portfolio because it ensures long-term success. Suppose one client leaves abruptly or unexpectedly cancels all future contracts without notice beforehand. In that case, another client might pick up some slack while still paying top dollar at regular rates, keeping everything running smoothly without any major hiccups!

According to data sources, through proper planning, 88 major lobbying firms had a revenue increase per client of 10% or more in 2020. This shows that planning and diversifying your portfolio can help you become successful and get more revenue.

You can easily find clients across different sectors. For instance, sports betting companies have recently been spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on successful lobbying firms in Boston, MA. You can look out for such opportunities and pitch to potential clients with your expertise to attract more clients.

Maintaining Media and Public Relations

In the world of lobbying, media coverage is key. If your firm's clients are getting good press coverage and you're not, it could be time for a change in strategy. Here are some tips for maintaining a positive public image:

  • Ensure your company is always accessible to journalists who want information about your client's activities or products. If someone calls looking for an interview with one of your clients, ensure that person gets it within 24 hours. Don't forget to send along photos!
  • Always be aware of what's being written about your firm or its clients. If there's something negative out there, work quickly with PR specialists at other firms until the problem is resolved. This is crucial before any damage is done.

Gaining Legal and Regulatory Expertise

A lobbying firm must be able to navigate the legal and regulatory environment of its clients' industries. This requires a deep understanding of their industry's rules, regulations, and processes.

A strong grasp of these rules allows firms to help clients plan for success in advance. From securing permits for projects to obtaining tax credits for investments. It also helps them avoid costly mistakes later on when things don't go according to plan.

In addition to providing expert advice on how best to navigate these issues, successful Massachusetts lobbyists can use their knowledge of how government works and leverage over opponents who lack similar expertise but want something from lawmakers or agencies within those governments.

If you know more than someone else about how something works, you have more expertise in getting things done in your favor. Today, various big and boutique law firms have entered the lobbying industry. Thus, are assisting in competition law, state aid, risk regulation, and environmental law.

If you are a dedicated lobbying firm, you will have more knowledge and expertise in this field than those law firms. You can use this to your advantage and get better results for your clients.


Lobbying is complex and nuanced, but organizations with the right resources can also master it. By building solid relationships with elected officials, researching their policies, diversifying their client portfolio, and coalition building, lobbying firms can increase their influence in Washington, DC, and beyond.

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