Online Learning Platforms Benefits for Schools

Online Learning Platforms Benefits for Schools

In the pandemic phase, where we are struggling to bring down the number of COVID-19 cases, it is imperative to think about reducing the spread. Education has indeed been largely affected due to COVID-19. Thankfully, digitalization has helped students to embrace the e-learning online learning platforms as a valuable way to continue their studies.

E-learning platforms are software that educational institutes or companies launch to help students take up courses and take up online studies

Today, everyone is looking to grasp more information in a lesser time and more efficiency. Whether you're a school teacher or a maths tutor, E-learning platforms are the ideal assistance for students who are safely looking for resourceful education. 

In this article, we are talking more about e-learning platforms and their benefits for students. So, let’s get started. 

What Are E-learning Platforms?

Before moving ahead to the benefits, it is important to understand what these platforms are. E-learning platforms are basically virtual learning arenas that are created for distance learning. 

These platforms have virtual classrooms where teachers and students can interact and bring the classroom experience to life. E-learning platforms are brimmed with other features as well that include file sharing, chat rooms, forums, evaluations, etc. Believe it or not, there are even learning platforms specifically designed to teach coding for kids, allowing them to learn a valuable skill in today’s digital world at a very early age.

Today every educational institute is learning how to create an online learning platform to embrace its qualities and enhance its education system during the COVID-19 time. As a majority of schools and colleges are still closed, their management has already started to think about creating dedicated online learning platforms. 

What Are The Benefits of E-learning Platforms For Students?

Environment Friendly

Physical classroom learning requires a lot of resources that majorly include books and copies made of paper. An E-learning app brings a paperless mode of learning that protects the environment from deforestation. Compared to campus learning, online learning platforms generate 90% less power, making it an energy-efficient learning method. 

Track Progress

In a teacher-to-student ratio of 60:1, it is quite difficult to concentrate on a single student and monitor his/her progress. With e-learning, both students and teachers can gauge the progress of the student in a certain course. It gives students the scope to improve at every level of the course. This way, the student will be able to learn more and excel. 

Infinite Number of Lessons

In a classroom learning approach, students can take a lesson once by a teacher. E-learning platforms give multiple chances to take the lectures and access the interactive educational content whenever they want. It helps in revising the chapters and getting thorough with them. Also, it helps students to catch up with the missed live lessons.

Updated Content

The best part about e-learning platforms is that it always provides updated content. Once the student has completed a certain level of the course, he/she can get access to the updated content. The content will always be in sync with the curriculum. They can access the content whenever they want, giving them flexibility in learning.

Quick Lesson Delivery

Compared to the traditional method of classroom learning, e-learning is a quicker approach. Through audio-visual guidance, students will be able to learn more in less time. To be precise, the time required to learn from e-lesson is 25%-60% lesser than the traditional classroom approach. It is possible because students can set their learning pace and take lessons from anywhere. 


Another major benefit of e-learning apps and platforms for students is that it is highly scalable. It will help create and communicate new concepts, training methods, and ideas to the students. Being a quicker way to learn, e-learning platforms becomes highly scalable and adaptable for students who have the zeal to learn more. 

Reduced Costs

As mentioned earlier, classroom learning requires a lot of resources, so evidently, it will lead to more cost. E-learning platforms, on the other hand, are cost-efficient learning approaches. All you need is a system and a stable internet connection to get started. The cost of travel, course materials, uniforms, stationeries, etc., is nullified on e-learning platforms. 

The Bottom Line

Today students require reliable, mobile, and efficient learning spaces that can contribute to their education. E-learning platforms are exemplary virtual learning platforms that can cater to the needs of both teachers and students. 

These are self-paced learning arenas that comprise courses that students can opt for. The online learning platforms mode of learning is the safest approach these days that also comes with a bunch of benefits.

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