Online Certified Mail

online certified mail

Certified mail has long been used as an official means of making sure a letter sent to someone arrived. In most cases, this has been used via the U.S. postal service to confirm either a recipient was communicated to officially or to protect a party sending a communication. In legal circles, certified mail is pretty much accepted as a completed courier-delivered message as it is the U.S. government that performed the delivery and confirmed its arrival. This makes certified mail ideal for financial and legal matters where confirmation of delivery is critical.  Did you know that online certified mail is an option?

The Old-Fashioned Method Versus New

Prior to the Internet, the standard method of sending certified mail was essentially one envelope at a time with a code applied via tag or stamp by the post office. This method, while it worked, was monotonous, time-consuming, and very manual, requiring full-time staff in a business mailroom to manage all the distribution and preparation. These days, via automation and the power of the Internet, electronic documents can be distributed and produced with commercial printing services that can reduce the number of resources spent on the process by 95 percent, as well as distribute thousands of emails each with their certified mail, trackable code.

Many of the modern systems for mass certified mail distribution are very compatible with common office productivity software used in businesses today, so there’s no need to engage or invest in fancy digital tools to make things work. Even more flexible, remote-supporting cloud tools can also work with certified digital mail services as well, expanding the ability to produce and send online certified mail campaigns from just about anywhere there is a digital connection to the Internet.

Repetitive Forms are Ideal for Automation

In many cases, such as law firms, sending out the same type of certified mail communications tends to create repetitive work. With technology and automation, templates can be set up to manipulate for repetitive runs to different parties and with different information but overall the same form. This is common in class action cases where recipient parties could number in the thousands. The same language may be used from case to case but the parties and names are different, as well as the case details. Instead of having to set up a new document every time, which costs work and valuable days, templates turn the switchover into a matter of minutes and then generate a print and mail run.

Tracking is Still in Place but Faster

Automation makes the other benefits of certified mailing far more accessible as well. Since every mailing gets a code to find it in the postal system, and the U.S. Post Office is online, it’s quite possible now to create software that tracks the code, retrieves the status information from the Post Office’s website, and mails it as a record. This not only confirms the original communication intent, but being digital makes it possible to also track metrics for the overall success of a campaign’s delivery in total versus individual letters. That too gives folks the ability to pinpoint where there might be problems or adjustments needed going forward with certified mailings. And with the Post Office costs going up with more delays, information on mailing status is becoming more important.

Businesses Still Try to Operate the Old Way

Amazingly, many companies in 2021 are still handling certified mail the way it was managed 40 years ago, by hand and message by message. The idea send certified mail online hasn't quite sunk in yet as mainstream. Much of the problem is simply due to a lack of awareness when it comes to how online certified mail works and how it can benefit a modern business. Folks just have to be willing to leap into trying something new and seeing how effective it can be while also saving time and money.

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