Navigate Your Business Travel Road Trips Using Waze


These days, business travel and smartphones go hand in hand. From electronic boarding passes to getting restaurant recommendations like a local. There's not much about the business travel experience that can't be handled by the little handheld wonders.

Especially with Waze, a navigation app that integrates social media into every twist and turn. Once you get the hang of using Waze, you'll be avoiding traffic jams and road construction like a local.

Why Do I Need Another Navigation App?

There's no shortage of navigation apps, but none are quite like Waze. Far beyond just finding the shortest distance from here to there, Waze takes all it's users input to update travel times in real time. It's the best friend a business car traveler can have!  Purchased by Google for 1.15 billion in 2015, this app is legit and part of the big Google family!

Waze does the big things like any other navigation app. But, it's the little things that Waze does that set it apart. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using Waze. But once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder how you got along without it.

What's Under Waze's Hood?

On the surface, Waze appears just like a standard smartphone nav app. Dig into the settings, or plot your first trip, however, and you will start to see the difference.

Crowdsourcing allows Waze to warn you of impending road construction, police speed traps, or anything else that might keep you from reaching your destination on time. Waze makes it easy for other users to report what they observe. It encourages participation by awarding points for everything a user reports. Those points earn users new titles, as well as ranking them against other Waze users for bragging rights.

In search of the cheapest gas? Waze gives users the chance to report what they see at the local stations. You can even set your preferred fuel type, gas station chains, and how the information is presented on the map.

If all the icons that appear on the map for construction, police activity, traffic activity and other Waze users end up a bit much, you can turn down the feedback. Just indicate what you're interested in, and the rest gets filtered out.

In addition to other Waze users, the app also pulls traffic data from multiple sources just in case user activity is low.

Picking up a co-worker from a long business trip? Make use of the "Send ETA" function and let your colleague know when you'll be arriving.

Fastest vs. Shortest

Sometimes the fastest route isn't always the shortest, so Waze gives you the chance to customize your routes. Don't want to turn down that alleyway to shave off 30 seconds? You can also tell Waze you're okay with toll roads, freeways or dirt roads to get to where you're going. Over time, Waze will learn how you like to travel and customize navigation on the fly.

No matter where your business travel takes you, you'll always be on time when you put the strength of crowdsourced directions to work. Waze is currently available for both Android and Apple ios mobile platforms.

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