Myth Busters: Top Myths of Conveyancing Debunked

Myth Busters: Top Myths of Conveyancing Debunked

When you’re buying a property, you need to hire a conveyancer to look over the property. They help you to review all the small details. However, the world of conveyancing is full of myths and surprises for first-time buyers. Read on to find out about the myths of conveyancing. Give yourself the best chance of nailing the final process of buying a home by partnering with experienced local conveyancers in Sydney.

Easier and cheaper to find your own conveyancer

One of the main misconceptions is that it’s better to search for a conveyancer independently to save money. However, you should often listen to your estate agent for their recommendations on conveyancing solicitors. They’ll usually know a conveyancer with strong knowledge of the local area. Often they will have the best experience to help you in your process. If you search by yourself, you can end up wasting plenty of time. Plus, you might not even end up with a reliable conveyancer.

Cheaper is best

Obviously, you should look to get value for money when you’re searching for a conveyancer. However, the cheapest won’t necessarily be the best deal. Buying a property is a major investment. Thus, you shouldn’t compromise it by cutting corners. When you’re choosing which conveyancer to go with you should consider experience, qualifications, and local knowledge alongside their rate. Ideally, you’ll go with a conveyancer who offers a fixed rate upfront. This can prevent the price from spiraling out of control if there are delays. Ensure the fixed-rate fits into your overall housing budget.

Conveyancing is slow

Another common misconception is that the conveyancing process is slow and takes too long. However, a competent conveyancer won’t take longer than they need to on the job. As long as you provide all the necessary information and offer them support during the process, a conveyancer should be able to wrap everything up in good time. Naturally, there are procedures that always have to be followed. These can take time. Plus, there are often delays for issues such as planning permission and receiving documents from other parties in the chain. Nevertheless, by remaining patient, you should find that the conveyancing process doesn’t take too long.

Getting the conveyancing process right is important. Use the advice above and hire the most appropriate conveyancing solicitor for you. This will ensure you are another step closer to moving into your dream home.

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