Market Chameleon Review: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Market Chameleon Review: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

You've been Googling for hours, and finally, you come across Market Chameleon. It's a  platform designed to help traders and investors like yourself uncover U.S. stock and options trading opportunities. With its plethora of tools, you'll be able to analyze your trade strategies and make informed decisions.

But before you jump in and try it out, let's dive into our Market Chameleon review, where I'll walk you through its features, pricing, pros, and cons. Why is this important? To help you make a more informed choice. Make sense? Let's dive right in.

Market Chameleon Overview

Market Chameleon is a research platform designed to help you uncover these opportunities and analyze trade strategies.

The platform offers a variety of tools for you, such as stock and options screeners, earnings research, and volume reports. These tools can be very powerful in helping you identify and take advantage of potential trades.

Key Features of Market Chameleon 

Market Chameleon provides a variety of features for you to use in your investment strategy, including research for stocks, options, and earnings. Additionally, it offers newsletters and the ability to create custom stock watchlists.

However, access to these tools may vary depending on your chosen plan. Here is an overview of what you can expect from this platform.

  • Stock Research

With the Market Chameleon stock trader tool, you'll have access to a variety of features that can help you make informed trading decisions. For example, you can view premarket trading stocks that trade before the market opens each day.

You can also access the Gap Up and Gap Down historical view, which shows you the historical price gaps of stocks and helps you understand the typical market reaction to those price gaps.

Additionally, you can use the after-hours search feature to identify stocks with the highest after-hours trading activity and price impacts, which can help you plan for the next trading day.

  • Custom Stock Watchlists

You can create and customize multiple watchlists to suit your specific interests. This can include stocks and options that you are particularly interested in.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to set up email alerts based on your watchlists so that you can stay updated on any changes or movements in your selected stocks and options.

  • Options Research

As an options trader, you may find Market Chameleon's research tool useful. It offers a variety of features that can help you improve your strategies. One of these features is the unusual options volume scanner, which allows you to find stocks with higher trading volumes than expected.

The platform has an interest scanner that displays stocks with high, moderate, or low implied volatility for the current trading day.

  • Earnings Option Strategy Backtest Screener

If you need a screener to help you analyze earnings option strategies, the Market Chameleon screener is a great option. It offers the ability to compare more than 30 different strategies and includes performance statistics for the last 12 quarters of earnings releases.

You can also use the screener to backtest strategies in different periods, such as before or after earnings or throughout the day.

  • Newsletters

Market Chameleon has a free press release tool that is included in all of its plans. With this feature, you can access company press releases in one convenient location. You can customize your newsletter preferences by selecting the companies that are on your watchlist.

How Much Does Market Chameleon Cost? 

Market Chameleon offers five different price options, so if you don't want certain features, there are other pricing tiers for you to choose from.

For instance, there's a free Basic Starter tier, which allows you to take advantage of tracking stock prices, and dividends and receiving newsletters.

If you want to be able to trade on a platform, you will need to pay a membership fee, though it may only cost $39. If you want all the tools available on the platform, you can spend more at a tier that starts at $99 a month.

This may not be a plan that offers access to as many tools as our other products do, namely Options Trader or Earnings Trader, which are priced at $69 and $79 per month, respectively.

The Total Access Plan comes with a higher price tag than the other packages at $99 per month. That package offers access to every product Market Chameleon offers.

Pros and Cons of Market Chameleon


  • 7-day trial period for free
  • Good selection of screeners
  • You can also add items to watchlists for whichever data points you wish to monitor
  • There are records available of historical performances


  • They don’t have a mobile app
  • 15-minute market delay

Comparable Options to Market Chameleon

There are a few great options if you're looking for alternatives to Market Chameleon. Option Strategies Insider is an incredibly powerful platform for investors and traders to analyze stock options and identify the best trades.

It offers a range of data, analytics, and trading tools that make it easier to find, research, analyze and execute profitable trades.

Theo Trade is another excellent option for investors who want to maximize their profits from the stock market. With Theo Trade, users can access sophisticated analytics and trading tools to identify the best opportunities and confidently execute trades quickly.

Finally, Investors Observer is a great platform for investors and traders looking to take advantage of all the market's opportunities. It provides data analysis, trading tools, and educational resources that help investors stay on top of the latest trends in the market.

Is Market Chameleon the Best Stock Screener for you? 

If you need one of the best stock screeners out there, Market Chameleon ticks all those boxes.

But here's a catch though: If you have never traded stocks or options, Market Chameleon will be tough to figure out because it is designed to suit traders who are very familiar with them.

The platform lets you pick the plan most in tune with what you need and can afford. They also give you a trial on their premium trading plans.

With that said, you can sign up with no risk using a trial and see if you would enjoy Market Chameleon.

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