Leading Remote Work Management Software Tools Available in 2023

Leading Remote Work Management Software Tools

Remote work has its own benefits and disadvantages. The idea of working from anywhere and whenever possible is great, but staying connected as a remote team can be tough if it’s not managed properly. However, over the past few years, many remote working platforms have been created to facilitate a fully functional remote workspace. Such software helps remote employees to increase their productivity and ensure team collaboration. Through this article, learn about some of the best remote work management systems available, which will help companies ensure that their remote employees are equally proactive as on-site workers.

1. ProHance

ProHance is a top remote work management software that allows employees to view their operations and identify opportunities for collaboration. This software helps companies to track how employees are spending their time on work-related tasks during office hours, thus establishing a responsible and sincere attitude. Furthermore, the software ensures visibility across multiple enterprise levels that allows teams to work unitedly despite their location.

With ProHance, employers will get real-time insights on employees so that they can make informed decisions. The tool balances workload between teams and individuals. Furthermore, it creates automated timesheets for employees so that they can track their work throughout. The software also features payroll integration so that employees can receive salaries on time. Its important features include workflow management, advanced analytics, asset optimization, work time, screen recording and work output. The software is popular in industries like telecommunications, IT, retail, healthcare and manufacturing. Know more about the Challenges and solutions of Managing A Remote Workforce.

2. Chanty

It is a collaboration and remote employee management software that helps teams join from anywhere at any time. The software provides messaging and video call features so that employers can have face-to-face conversations with their employees. No matter where they are. Employees can share their screens to let their supervisors know what assignments they are working on. Plus, the managers can share their screens if they wish to present something. Chanty allows teammates and their leaders to attach 4k videos and audio to their meetings with 1,000 video participant support. Furthermore, the software lets managers create new tasks or turn a message into a task for better and smarter collaboration. With the Kanban view, Chanty provides an easy view of the ongoing and upcoming projects so that employees can sort things on their own.

3. ClickUp

For a one-stop solution for remote and hybrid workplace environments, ClickUp comes as a handy tool. It is a software that offers whiteboards, dashboards and various integrations that help teams to collaborate in real-time from any location. Furthermore, this work management tool helps employers to track employee progress related to monetary, numerical and task targets. If an employee cannot improve his/her work quality, the software even monitors that and sends alerts to the managers so they can take the required action. With ClickUp, company admins can fast-track teamwork. For meetings, an employee does not necessarily have to come down to the stationed office; rather, he/she is sent a Zoom link and connects from any location.

4. EmailAnalytics

EmailAnalytics is a productivity software that tracks employees’ behaviour across remote locations. The tool helps measure and optimise a team’s email response times. Companies use this software to gain visibility and insights from day-to-day email activities. EmailAnalytics provides a view to employers on how many emails employees are sending and receiving each day. It also tracks the relevant (work-related) emails and the ones that are vague and unimportant. With this software, employers can also check who (clients) are sending the most emails to which employees and how long they are taking to respond to them.

5. Basecamp

Companies, freelancers and teams use this collaboration tool that enhance the productivity of remote workplaces. This software offers collaborative solutions that help companies to communicate with clients and manage projects. For assigning and organising tasks, sharing ideas and keeping everyone on the same page, Basecamp provides an array of features. However, the tool doesn’t have a professional hierarchy or ability to archive topics, which often makes it a little inconvenient for big enterprises. Having said that, Basecamp can be used easily by small to mid-size companies. As an employer, always remember to first identify your needs before choosing a productivity tool.

6. CallHippo

A virtual and cloud-based phone system, CallHippo, allows employees to stay in touch with their teams even from remote locations. The software has a seamless user interface and is loaded with features like detailed call reporting, a mobile app and a power dialer. Furthermore, it encourages sales and customer care teams to connect with customers to accelerate their experience with the company. This tool ensures seamless connection with teams via desktops and phones and includes predictive dialling, contact management and auto dialling. Additionally, CallHippo ensures 24/7 support, seamless integrations and advanced analytics to boost a company’s productivity.

7. Blink

Blink is a productivity software that enhances communication and collaboration between remote workers. This tool changes employee experiences using the mobile responsive platform. The tool provides a myriad of features like news feed, discussion boards, employee directory and calendar management. All these features together create a work-friendly virtual environment to promote team cohesion and productivity. Blink also provides microelements like automated timesheets, network searches, payment cards, absence management and more. A company can create its own mode of communication with employees using these microelements.

8. Nextiva

Nextiva is a digital phone system like CallHippo created for remote teams. This cloud-based platform hosts PBX solutions for businesses to streamline their phone services to promote advanced communication. Furthermore, this system helps employees and managers to keep work calls and personal calls separate. It is cost-saving for businesses to make nationwide calls. Nextiva is loaded with 45+ VoIP features that include auto attendant, screen sharing, video conferencing, call forwarding and more. The pricing of these tools is at the Professional and Enterprise levels.

9. Teamwork

This is an all-in-one remote work management platform that boosts collaboration between teams and ensures overall productivity. The software features client onboarding, project planning, time tracking, product review, resource management and more. Using these tools, teams can prioritise important tasks and deliver them on time, thus leading to better conversions. Thus, with Teamwork, employers can track retainers, clients and employee performance, which will allow them to make informed decisions.

10. 10to8

10to8 is a remote work software that helps employees and managers schedule appointments. This tool promotes collaboration by arranging online appointments and virtual meetings with clients. Its native Zoom feature enables individuals to join video meetings straight from calendars. No matter what time zone it is, 10to8 enables employees to connect with 2-way calendar sync. The tool also provides automated reminders that allow teams to keep track of the meetings and attend on time to avoid confusion.


By using remote working platforms, companies can now manage their remote teams easily. Employees no longer have to wait to schedule appointments or connect with their teammates. Instead, the remote work management software makes that happen with its team collaboration and communication tools. So, next time you implement software for your remote employees, consider the above tools.

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