Human Resource Management: How Intranet Software Can Contribute

Human Resource Management: How Intranet Software Can Contribute

The far-reaching benefits of intranet software for companies are common knowledge, no matter whether they're a healthcare clinic making use of a medical intranet or a supermarket chain operating a retail intranet network. From streamlining business operations to facilitating team collaboration, the list just goes on and on. However, while the standard benefits of intranet software are vastly utilized for handling repetitive business tasks, human resource management is one area that is usually neglected.

The widespread use of HMS has dramatically overshadowed the comprehensive benefits that intranet platforms offer for seamless human resource management. Beyond effective employee interaction and engagement, these platforms can assist in a range of other tasks. This article provides an outline of all the ways intranet software can contribute to human resource management.

Internal Recruiting

Hiring is one of the most important responsibilities the human resource department typically handles. Needless to say, it is also a cost and labor-intensive task. This is where internal recruitment can come in handy for organizations. By opening coveted positions for employees, organizations can significantly reduce hiring costs and times.

Intranet software offers in-built features that allow HR personnel to create specialized job boards for employees to review new positions. It is also relatively easy to update and modify content on intranet platforms, making them a better space for posting openings than company websites.

Not only can employees conveniently endorse skills, but it also allows them to autofill their resumes and cover letters. Finally, the system can automatically shortlist appropriate candidates based on scores, streamlining the process.

Create Social Workplaces

Online workplaces have now become a necessary tool for most companies. The intranet is the best option for creating a customized online workplace for your company. First, it allows access to user directories and enables HR to create teams based on technical skills and locations. Teams can even use features like calendars, task management, time tracking, reporting, and customizable widgets to streamline their work. They can also create hubs for sharing essential files, information, and best practices.

Easy information sharing and collaboration mean employees can contact subject matter experts within the organization for peer-to-peer assistance on specific projects. In addition, the security capabilities of intranet systems ensure all confidential information remains protected in the event of a cyber attack.

Training and Management

Intranet platforms are excellent tools for managing daily operations and tasks. Leave tracking and performance management can be quite time-consuming for human resource personnel. By integrating third-party sites into the intranet platform, HR can effectively keep track of employee sick leaves, paid absentees, staff vacations, and unpaid leaves.

Similarly, human resources can utilize custom dashboards to view performance and identify areas of skill enhancement. Human resource personnel can even take advantage of performance metrics and data for goal setting and performance appraisals.

Such vital information can eventually improve training programs and initiatives. Workflows are another feature that can significantly benefit HR management. Redundant and mundane tasks can be automated and effectively store all incoming data.

Communication and Collaboration

Systems like employee portals and user directories provide employees with the freedom to collaborate conveniently and communicate with each other.  This can be quite beneficial for new employees during and after onboarding.

Another way HR can facilitate interaction is through company events. Easy navigation means employees can quickly join or view company events and schedule their presence. Social features like custom blog templates, newsfeeds, surveys, polls, and comments are useful for employee engagement.

Personalization and customization features make intranet software excellent tools for effective employer branding. Not only can this help communicate the company's vision and identity effortlessly, but it can also enhance a sense of belonging.

Final Thoughts

From reducing recruitment costs to automating mundane tasks, intranet platforms can go a long way for human resource management. Dynamic features and customization features can eventually contribute to employee satisfaction and loyalty.

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