How to Make Branding and Marketing Work Together

How to Make Branding and Marketing Work Together

Did you know that Geico spent almost 2 billion dollars on advertising in 2019? That type of investment, along with a strong brand to promote, is why Geico is one of the largest insurance providers in the entire world.

If you own a business, odds are you don't have billions to invest in branding and marketing. But if you know how the two ideas work together, as well as how to be efficient, you can get the result that you're looking for.

In this article, we'll break down how branding and marketing work together. We'll also give you some tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of both your branding and marketing strategies.

Now then, let's get started!

Marketing Is For Promoting Your Brand

When it comes to making branding and marketing work well together, you first need to understand what the two are and how they differ from one another.

Branding is creating an identity that is easily recognizable and unique to an individual or business. Think about Geico's use of the Gecko throughout their advertisements over the past decade or so.

Marketing is the process of promoting that brand in effective ways to increase that brand's recognition. These are the actual commercials, billboard banners, and radio advertisements that Geico has used to promote their services.

Understanding these simple differences, and how they feed off of each other, makes it that much easier to create a marketing strategy that works. Developing a brand strategy provides you with the guidance needed to position your brand effectively, simplifying crucial business decisions.

Your Brand Starts With a Name and Logo

Before you start investing in marketing efforts, you first need to create a strong brand that you can promote. Knowing where to start with your brand can be confusing, especially if you're creating it entirely from scratch.

A pro tip? When building your brand, look no further than your name and logo as a place to begin the process.

It goes without saying, but your brand's name and your brand's logo are extremely important, and the heart of your overall branding efforts. A strong brand name and a well-designed logo will make marketing your brand, and creating branding materials, that much easier going forward.

If you already have an established name, but a dated logo, don't be afraid to make some changes. It's next to impossible to build a strong marketing strategy around a bad brand name or logo, so starting over and rebranding is a valuable option for some brands.

Marketing Showcases Your Brand’s Voice

So, how does marketing your brand work? And what are some of the benefits of marketing your brand in the first place?

Well, above all else, marketing gives you a chance to showcase your brand's voice. This means customers and potential customers can get a clear idea of what your brand is about via your marketing efforts. You can check WANT Branding agency to help you create a high performance branding strategy to make your business stand out.

Your brand's voice, when strong and clear, can help people decide if your company, products, or services are right for them. And, of course, the clearer that voice is the better chance you have of converting people and keeping them around for the future.

Marketing Highlights Your Brand's Mission Statement

Every brand needs to have a mission statement. Something that they can hang their hat on that clearly states what it is they're trying to accomplish by existing.

Marketing, when done effectively, highlights that mission statement and helps your audience understand why your brand exists in the first place. That makes it that much easier to sell an idea, products, or services, which of course is the overall goal of marketing.

An example where marketing and branding work together is product packaging. Marketing is how you promote your product, packaging and all. Meanwhile, branding is how you present your product through your packaging.

To ace these two aspects in business, you’ll need to package your products effectively. Choose a manufacturer that provides sleek on-brand packaging for your products. It doesn’t only need to look good; it also has to represent your brand and what it stands for.

For example, if you’re all for minimalism and environment-friendly, a carton packaging with a clean minimal layout should deliver your brand’s message well.

Marketing Gives Your Brand Credibility

People aren't going to engage with brands that they don't think are credible. And while a lot goes into making your brand look legit online, strong marketing efforts are a huge piece of the puzzle.

A professional-looking website, useful information, and a large audience can also make your brand stand out in a positive light. So, if you'd don't have one already, be sure to create a website that looks good and functions well so you can show users online that your brand is credible.

Grow Your Brand Using Marketing

We touched on this earlier, but the overall goal of marketing is to promote your brand so it can grow and expand. Having a strong brand, along with a strong marketing strategy, makes doing this that much easier. An effective way to showcase your brand is through promotional products.

Because the two go hand in hand, one being weak can hurt the chances of the other being successful. That's why it's so important that you create a brand that works before you start trying to marketing it to people, so you can get the results that you're looking for.

Still not sure how to get the most out of your brand? Don't be afraid to reach out and enlist the help of branding services for your business. Together, you and a professional can set your company up for success and make marketing that much easier. 

Breaking Down How Branding and Marketing Tie Together

Well, there you have it! That is a breakdown of how branding and marketing are connected.

Remember, before you can start marketing, you must first have a strong brand that you can promote. Once you've checked that box, then you can worry about creating an effective marketing strategy.

Also, don't forget to remember what areas of your brand your marketing strategy is there to promote. Knowing what to shine a spotlight on makes creating a marketing strategy that much easier.

Looking for more marketing tips and tricks, or even a branding agency to help? Check out a few more of our blog posts!

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