How to Keep Your Business Workforce Happy

How to Keep Your Business Workforce Happy

As a business owner, you already know that making customers happy is essential to succeed. You must keep up with their ever-changing demands and ensure that you provide the right solutions in the right way, at the right time, and in the right place. But that’s not all there is to business management. You need to pay more attention to your workforce and ensure that they are happy too. Make no mistake! The idea isn't so much about their salaries as some people would like to assume. It's about their physical, mental, and emotional well-being while working for you.

Employees are human beings, not machines. They get tired, sick, stressed, happy, angry, have opinions, think, etc. All these and more have a direct impact on brainpower and performance.

Happy employees are far more productive than unhappy ones.

They complete tasks on time. Treat customers well. Hardly ever get to work late, and they are loyal to you. In short, they work for you like they own the business.

So, what makes your employees happy? That’s probably the question on your mind right now.

If you are looking for a straight answer, you will not get any because all employees are different in their own ways.

The purpose of writing this article is to highlight the best ideas to keep your business workforce proven to work for most business setups.

  • Be a Leader Who is A Manager - Not Just a Manager

Being a leader and being a manager are two different things.

  • A manager delegates, but a leader leads by example.
  • As a manager, the employees work for you; as a leader, you work together with them as a team.
  • A leader listens, is compassionate and reasonable.
  • A manager, on the other hand, expects results once they delegate.
  • Reward Your Most Productive Employees

Who doesn’t like to get noticed and appreciated? We all do. That’s human nature.

Pay some more attention to everything your employees do and appreciate their positive contribution, even the tiniest.

As for the highest performers, words alone are not enough. Reward them with a job promotion or a vacation trip with their spouses. You can also give them some more time off with their loved ones or even gift them with the corner office. Whatever it is, make sure it's something that makes them happy. That will make them want to perform even much better.

  • Provide Your Employees with Tea and Coffee

When it comes to making employees happy, it’s the small things that are easy to ignore that count. Providing tea and coffee is one of those things.

  • Allow Flexibility in the Workplace

Flexibility is essential to any business. It’s the one thing that can help you adapt to change and facilitate continuous growth in your organization.

Give your employees more freedom and control to decide when they start and stop working. As long as they do their jobs as they should, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Employees and people, in general, feel much better when they are in control.

  • Allowing Some Level of Entertainment Can go a Long Way

Some employers want their employees to sit behind their computers from the moment they start working to when they clock out. They see you checking your phone twice, and they start complaining.

Don’t be like them!

When the brain gets tired, that’s it. It doesn’t matter how long your employees spend looking at the computer screen; they won't be productive.

So why tire them in the first place?

As a wise employer, you should focus more on keeping your employees entertained instead. You can put a TV in their breakroom for them to watch during their break time. Better yet, you can use the cordcuttersanonymous guide on how to unlock firestickto give them more fun.

When you can, interact with them, and crack their ribs with some funny jokes. You can also share some funny stories, show them some exciting clips, etc.

Anything that will make your workforce happy will help them relax and perform better in their tasks.

  • Support Innovation

Another way to make your employees happy is by supporting their innovative ideas whether or not they work. Try them out and test how they work together. That will help make your feel appreciated and encourage them to become more creative.

  • Organize Some Wellness Initiatives

Traditionally, employee stress was not a common thing, but today it has become part of life. It's one of the top reasons affecting business performance. Organizing Wellness initiatives such as yoga classes, meditation hours, or GYM memberships in the office will help minimize employee stress and boost overall happiness.

  • Organize Some Team Building Activities

Teamwork and effective communication between employees is essential to build strong relationships and maintain a happy workforce. It helps them understand each other better, cope with each other and resolve their misunderstanding and dispute more effectively.

When there are no arguments in the office, and everyone understands each other, your workforce gets happy.

Organize team-building activities in your business and make it a regular thing. some options you can consider include

  • Office trivia
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Two truths and a lie
  • Hiking
  • Soccer competitions against each other and many more


According to statistics, companies where employees are happy to perform 20% much better than their competitors.

Happy staff are 12% more efficient.

Close job friendships increase employee satisfaction by 50%

These and many statistics highlight how crucial having a happy workforce is to the overall health of your business. The greater the happiness, the more productive they become, and even better when they work together.

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