How To Give Your Equipment Hire Company The Boost It Needs

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Do you currently run a business in the equipment hire management sector? It is easy to get trapped by using multiple software packages for your business, but this can often hold you back.

In 2019, it is time for the industry to wake up and see what they can do differently to enhance efficiency. Here, we are going to give you some tips on how you can give your business the boost it needs to get back on track.

What Is The First Step?

The best way to give your business the boost it needs in 2019 is to utilize equipment hire management software such as BasePlan’s advanced package. The latest innovations in this software have been through all the trials and testing to ensure that it is credible and compatible for use. The general feedback from the companies involved in the case studies has been extremely positive - you can find some case study examples on BasePlan’s website.

What Does This Software Involve?

From the very beginning of the process when a customer raises a question and looks for a quotation, the equipment hire management software solution kicks in. The system has the capability to give you an accurate quotation based on the data you have stored within it. The quote can be generated and sent on to your customer via this means.

In the background, when the quote is generated, you have the capability to understand immediately the profit margin that is a result of the work being completed within the quote. If the customer then accepts the quote, you can start to project manage on the system. This includes actually understanding exactly where all the Work in Progress (WIP) is but it gives the added benefit of doing this in real-time so there is no dubiety or risks.

If there are problems with movement of items, the system will flag this up to the appropriate people to ensure corrective actions are taken to remedy. When the project is over, the closure of the project can be completed on the system that will then help with giving the finances around the project. You can use the system to give reports on finances for individual projects or for departments, massively improving the way that your business operates.

Effective Staff Training

If you have many different software packages all doing different things for your company, there will be a level of training or awareness completed in each of these for the employees that are key stakeholders to it.  This is time-consuming and the more software packages that there is, the more likely there will be mistakes made. With this type of software, you can access instant help via telephone or use the online help options. The system has been developed with the user in mind to help make sure that it is as simple (but effective) as possible. Ticking all the boxes isn’t an easy task to complete however these types of systems seems to have done it.

Consider investing in a package like this to give your business the boost that it needs.

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