How to Design a Perfect Marketing Label for your Product?

Design a Perfect Marketing Label for your Product

Some products move fast, while others sit on the shelf for ages. Many aspects make a difference in a product's turnover. Among these aspects, the marketing label of the product is among the top reasons. The first thing that people perceive while scanning a shelf is a bird's eye view of the label. If the label is not attractive or the right color, people will not pick up the product. Like humans, the first impression of a product is as important. Let’s see the things you should consider while designing the product label.

1. Consider the Customers 

The first thing that you need to do is to research the target customers. Their age, gender, interests, and socio-economic status matter. Design your label according to the target customers. If your product is for children, make the label colorful or add fictional characters to make it attractive.

Do your research about what competition brands are doing in the same space. Analyze their designs and come up with your own, the more creative, the better.

2. Deciding the Packaging Materials

While designing the label, the packaging material should also be considered. The product label and its packaging should be in harmony. If the materials have already been decided, you have to bend your label designs accordingly. If not, you can chip in ideas about materials to enhance the overall aesthetic of the product.

3. Label Template and Color Scheme

Selecting the template is a crucial step. Carefully decide the format of label you want, whether you want perforations or engravings on the product bottle. Laser engraving Melbourne is the best in their business. You should ensure that you decide on the right color scheme because color psychology in marketing matters. The colors should complement each other. Pair a light color with a dark one to prevent the effect of visual crowding. The color of the text should also be decided. In some cases it is better to be safe, so black is the safest option.

4. Typography

The labels contain a lot of text including the product name, characteristics, how to use it, and other essential information. You need to make sure that the typography is easily understandable. Instead of using a pre-existing font, you can make you get a whole new font designed for the name and slogan of your product. In this way, your product will appear unique on the shelf. The ultimate goal is to catch the eye of the customer.

5. Graphics and Pictures

Last but not least, use graphics and pictures on the label. Instead of making your label boring by adding lengthy text to it, depict various aspects via graphics. For example, you can add graphics for the “how to use “portion you can also select a primary image for the product. It is always better to custom-design that image instead of using a pre-designed one. It gives a unique edge to the product.


The ultimate goal of a label is to catch the attention of the customer. Hence, the customer should be the center of all considerations and decisions when it comes to label design. Put yourself in the place of the customer and make decisions. You can also get reviews from a selected group of customers before launching the final marketing label.

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