Five Aspects in Your eCommerce to Automate

From order processing to price setting, there are lots of aspects of your eCommerce business that you can automate. By doing so, you create greater efficiency and gain more time to focus on growing your brand. Here are five elements of your eCommerce venture that you should consider automating.

Aspects in Your eCommerce to Automate

1. Order Processing

An automatic order processing system integrates with your online store. So, if you have multiple sales channels, this can process and verify online automatically. Without needing to spend time manually completing laborious tasks, your operations become much more efficient. You also gain more valuable time to spend focusing on other important areas of your business, like marketing. With automatic order processing, order statuses are updated in real-time. Thereby allowing customers to get notifications at each step. There are plenty of other benefits to automating order processing. It can speed up delivery times, significantly reduce human error, and streamline the order tracking process. While also decreasing order fulfillment costs, and enabling you to maintain high customer satisfaction. Start today by checking out the professional order processing automation options at SparkShipping. Their plans include full product data integration and stock quantity synchronization.

2. Email Notifications for Abandoned Shopping Carts

As an eCommerce business owner, you have probably become aware of the fact that a certain percentage of online shoppers add products to their carts without completing the transaction. It happens at every online store. But if you’re savvy, you can guide shoppers to take action and complete their purchases. How? By using automatic emails. When a user abandons their cart, emails are sent automatically to the customer to remind him or her that there are products waiting in the shopping cart. In addition to stating what items are still in the cart, an automatic email should contain a link to the cart. This way the customer can easily complete the transaction. You can also automate emails to send your customers relevant information. This could be in the form of newsletters and special promotions to increase your brand awareness and your sales.

3. Recommendations

When someone is viewing a product or making a purchase at your eCommerce store, the customer will be more likely to buy an additional product if he or she is presented with product recommendations that meet the customer’s specific profile. By using automated product recommendations, customers are presented with pop-ups of products related to their interests.

4. Invoicing

Manually completing customer invoices takes a lot of time. Therefore, it’s definitely worth automating your invoicing process. There are lots of payment and accounting software that can be used to create and send invoices automatically. Thus ensuring all invoices are sent on time and are accurate. You can also set up automatic invoice reminders for outstanding payments. When you automate invoicing, you have a lot more time to spend on other aspects of your eCommerce business

5. Pricing

Finding the right price point for the products you sell can make or break your business. You need to be continually aware of how much the same or similar items are being sold for by your competitors. Also, learn when is the best time to offer discounted prices. That all becomes much simpler when you adopt automatic pricing tools. They can identify competitive pricing and discount trends to recommend pricing and repricing strategies at optimal times to help you increase sales. Finding the pricing sweet spot is crucial to gain the competitive edge, so don’t underestimate just how helpful automatic pricing tools can be.

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