5 Factors That Affect the Cost of Shipping a Car

5 Factors That Affect the Cost of Shipping a Car

Before booking a reputable auto shipper, you are advised to compare multiple car shipping quotes. Car transport costs vary depending on the season, car type, location, and transportation method, especially for international car shipping. Before hiring a car shipping company, you must understand what is needed beforehand and how such costs are calculated. Below is a list of the main factors affecting the cost of car shipping.

Shipping Method

There are two types of transport to choose from; enclosed auto transport and open auto transport. Open auto transport is the most preferred mode as it is cheaper than enclosed auto transport. The open auto transport method allows your car to be shipped along with up to seven vehicles in an open car carrier. The shipping method enables car owners more flexibility and choice during pick-up dates and delivery times.

The enclosed auto transport method allows your car to be shipped in an enclosed trailer to protect the vehicle from dust, dirt, grime, and weather conditions. The option is often recommended when shipping expensive vehicles and classic cars. The cost is higher than the open auto transport method as the service has experts trained to handle your vehicle and carries fewer cars each trip. You can also check Breeze Customs and view their website for seamless importing service.

The Type of Vehicle

The weight and size of your car influence the overall shipping cost. A larger car requires more space, and due to the shipping freight’s weight limits, heavier vehicles will cost you an additional fee. Extra-large cars in terms of weight and size require special shipping, which results in additional costs. Hauling an oversized car on a transport truck requires extra space, which affects the number of vehicles a trailer can carry. Vehicles with modifications or luxury cars require special protection outside the regular service. If your vehicle is inoperable or in poor condition, additional equipment will be needed to unload and load it into the trailer, costing you an additional fee.


The car shipping industry has slow and high seasons, just like most industries, and the car shipping rates vary depending on the time of the year. Auto transport prices tend to increase in summer due to higher demand for vehicle transport services. Wintertime, however, tends to be slow, which should lead to reduced rates. It is, however, not the case as some roads become impassable due to extreme weather conditions, minimizing the possibility of car carriers taking the shortest route. The snowbird season is characterized by the movement of retirees to southern states, including Florida and Texas, for favorable living costs and warmer weather. An increase in traffic during the period resulted in a spike in the auto shipping quote.


Like buying a home, location is crucial when determining the rates of your car shipping services. When requesting the vehicle shipping quote, you must provide the delivery and pick-up address. City routes generally have cheaper costs compared to rural routes. Clients in Los Angeles, New York, or Houston enjoy a reduced auto shipping quote. Clients in rural areas pay extra shipping costs as the transporter has to deviate from the main route. When requesting an auto shipping quote, you can have your car shipped to a more convenient terminal. Choose a convenient drop-off location close to a major interstate to save extra fees on your final bill.


Most auto transport companies provide clients with basic insurance coverage. All brokers and car carriers must obtain licenses from the Department of Transport and possess cargo insurance. Ask questions regarding the damage covered, the insurance limitations, and whether there are deductibles. Personal effects in your vehicle are usually not covered, so emptying your car of personal belongings before pick-up is crucial. If you are shipping a vintage or super expensive vehicle, you can purchase additional coverage to guarantee adequate coverage for your car.

Auto transport companies save you the hassle when moving to a new location. Research multiple companies and hire one with an affordable price and excellent service.

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