Enhancing Brand Visibility Through Guerrilla Marketing

Enhancing Brand Visibility Through Guerrilla Marketing

Traditionally, the term “guerilla” has been used to refer to small groups operating underground who use surprise tactics to fight and conquer larger enemies. In this same way, guerrilla marketing uses unconventional methods of marketing while aiming for maximum impact with a minimal budget. Jay Conrad Levinson was the originator of the term in his book “Guerrilla Marketing” which was first published in 1984. Levinson’s idea consists of creating a buzz around a product and making it irresistible for consumers to talk about and buy. In this article, we'll examine the types of specific marketing you can consider for your business to enhance visibility through guerrilla marketing. 

Outdoor guerrilla marketing

This particular type of guerrilla marketing is usually done in city environments where this is a lot of foot traffic. A few examples of outdoor guerrilla marketing include adding something to a statue (think of the Rocky statue in Philadelphia!), placing a  canopy for sporting events in the streets, or placing oversized replicas of small objects like cupcakes in key places. 

Stealth marketing

This strategy is low-cost and aims to sell to a prospect without them realizing it. For example, many companies position TV advertisements that might attempt to sell to you, and most times, you may not even be aware they are trying to sell to you. 

Buzz or viral marketing

Buzz marketing heavily relies on users sharing content from a company with their family, friends, and social network. Word-of-mouth distribution is the focus with this marketing technique, and you’ll often find it on social media. This method doesn't create excitement, instead it depends on customers to create awareness of the company or product organically. 

Ambush marketing

When watching a sports event, you may notice various business advertisements that sponsored it. In most cases, businesses utilize coat-tail marketing that involves them behaving like sponsors, though they aren’t. This type of marketing is quite common in event sponsorship because it helps them save money and exploit major events. 

Grassroots marketing

Businesses employing this method usually use limited-cost marketing strategies relying on people’s time such as giving flyers instead of other large marketing strategies. Small or local businesses commonly use this method, and is a very simple strategy to begin marketing campaigns. 

Ambient marketing

Ambient marketing refers to using engaging imagery or message in an unexpected place, such as promotions on a bus. While this marketing technique often takes place offline, it is vital that ambient marketing doesn't just include placing an ad somewhere unexpected. The message has to be creative, surprising, and shocking. 

Experiential marketing

This experiential marketing of visibility through guerilla marketing focuses on creating a situation where your target audience can enter a memorable situation and connect with something symbolizing your brand. In experiential marketing, the aim is to build a close bond between prospective customers and your company. 

Wild posting

In this type of marketing, repetition of striking visuals is used to gain attention from potential customers. The aim is to obtain a reaction. The secret of this method is to use cheerful colors in an urban setting to improve the space. With these aesthetic improvements, you draw attention to your business, brand, or product being promoted. 


Rather than traditional marketing approaches, visibility through guerrilla marketing involves using unorthodox techniques to attract prospective customers' interest in a brand, product, or business. Using no-cost or low-cost marketing methods, companies can adopt a simplistic approach to marketing and try to lure customers with fascinating strategies.

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