Can Gaming Make You a Better Entrepreneur?

Gaming make you a Better Entrepreneur

Video gaming is one of those things that people either love or hate. For those who hate it, gaming is a waste of time. It is often viewed as a massive distraction from the realities of daily life. For those who love it, however, gaming offers a whole host of benefits that go beyond simply being entertaining.

For entrepreneurs, playing games can actually be of immense value.

Video Games and Strength of Character

What sets apart the top 10% of successful business owners from their less-successful peers? Confidence and strength of character. Irrespective of the challenges they’ve had to face along the way, the one thing that all successful entrepreneurs have in common is perseverance.

These are the exact skills that playing video games can develop. Even the best gamers in the world have had to deal with losing their virtual lives. This means they often have to start games from the beginning again. But, the more they persevere, perhaps purchasing yesgamers d2r items to help them along the way, the further they get with the level. Thus, making progress with each and every attempt – even when they make mistakes.

Failure is one of those things that is just a fact of entrepreneurial life. If you’ve had a charming run so far, odds are that you will end up failing at something along the way. So, developing a mindset that accepts failure for what it is, can encourage growth and ensure that you’ll keep persevering.

Another interesting thing about video games is that they teach players to develop a progress-oriented mindset. Every game in existence gets more difficult the more it goes on. From tougher bosses to increasingly complex tasks. The challenges get greater every time. It’s the same in business; the more goals you hit and growth targets you reach, the more difficult it becomes to perform better.

Lessons from Mindsports 

mind games

Another aspect of business success is competitive advantage. This is also known as establishing a position to give you an edge over your competitors. There are certain types of games that can develop the critical skills that you need to find, establish and enhance the competitive advantage of your venture.

Mindsports like poker and chess, for example, will flex your mental muscle. They help to ramp up your critical thinking skills.

The game of poker is often compared to the stock market. There's a reason why so many former pro poker players have been successful on Wall Street - and vice versa. An integral part of poker strategy is knowing when to fold, or, as Kenny Rogers says “you’ve gotta know when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em”.

Knowing when to fold is also a key skill necessary for effective business investments and decision-making. Contrary to some assumptions, folding is not for ‘quitters.’ Instead, it is a smart choice that sometimes needs to be made during a business’s life cycle.

Long-established as a brain training gaming, chess requires an accumulation of strategy, visualization, and knowledge in every move. Chess players are renowned for taking a methodical approach to decision-making. Anticipating not just the move they are about to make but how that will then impact future moves. They’re not just one or two steps ahead, they visualize the full chessboard. Thus, anticipate all the possibilities there are of winning.

Does that sound familiar? The same strategic thinking is a core component of business management. You don’t have to be Garry Kasparov to reap the benefits of applying chess strategy to the way you run your business, either. Simply developing an approach to risk management will help you evaluate the steps that are worth taking when it comes to business development.

Use Gaming To Take A Step Back From Busy Work

Gaming completely occupies the mind. It forces you to focus on what you’re doing and allows you to momentarily leave the real world behind. For those who are extremely busy in the business world, it gives them time to switch off.

This has multiple benefits. For a start, your brain gets a break from what it does most often. However, it also allows you to return to the task with a fresh mind…allowing you to see things clearly or from a different perspective.

For gaming to succeed you need the right equipment. It might be as easy as buying a console but if you want to build a PC you need to invest a little more time. You can go here to learn about the specifics of building the best motherboard for a ryzen, for example. There are tons of components to consider and go for. You need to consider the monitor, the graphics card (usually Nvidia or Ryzen), motherboard, fans, etc.

As someone who is busy, you can buy the rig pre-built and ready to go or use it as a hobby to get some well-earned time away from your busy day job.

You can game whenever you’ve got time. In the evening or the morning, or maybe hop on for twenty minutes at lunch just to take your mind off things. Everyone is different, but approaching gaming will certainly give you the break your mind needs.

How Gaming Supports Leadership Development

In stark contrast to the console games of the 1980s and 90s, modern video games are often team affairs. These can foster leadership skills development in participants.

According to research conducted by two academics from the St Petersburg University of Cinema and Television in 2017, digital games have the potential to support leadership development even in non-habitual gamers.

Of the 50 student gamers and non-gamers who participated in the study, 89% developed increased organizational skills. Additionally, 75% displayed higher levels of self-control and 68% demonstrated strong personal leadership and tenacity of purpose. Further still, 89% of the participants displayed exceptional group management skills. Another 67% were able to find creative approaches to problem-solving.

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