The Benefits You Get by Using Shopify 

The Benefits You Get by Using Shopify 

Online stores are very convenient because they are available round the clock. For instance, physical stores close down at a specific time of the day, but online platforms operate round the clock. Also, you can access the store from whichever corner of the world. As long as you pick your choice and pay for it, you will get your requested item. eCommerce sites are quite satisfying because, with just a few clicks, a client can place an order, make the payment, and have the product delivered to their doorstep without having to spend money on gas or public transport. So the key decision is what eCommerce platform to select, and using Shopify should be at the top of the list.

Needless to mention, many people have realized the utter significance of eCommerce stores in the age of the pandemic. They help reduce mass gatherings and ensure consumers get their basic necessities amid lockdowns and curfews imposed in many places.

As an entrepreneur, however, how you create and design your eCommerce website is crucial in determining your overall success. Factors such as user-friendliness, lead generation, networking, and IT support are also critical. Most importantly, shoppers will feel comfortable making online purchases from reputed online marketplaces that guarantee safety and protection for their funds and personal information. These are some of the reasons many online retailers turn to established eCommerce platforms like using Shopify to sell their products online. Here are some benefits you should know about when using Shopify as your eCommerce platform.

1. Shopify Apps to Boost Store Performance 

Shopify is a large online store where you will find a different online business. You can look at it as an online mall with many retailers to shop from. Creating apps that support mobile visits has become essential, not an option. From store design apps to inventory management, drop-shipping, and much more, the Shopify app store has a wide range of apps that can help to significantly boost productivity and returns for your business.

Depending on your preference, the apps can either be free or paid for. In this article, Brian Walsh talks about how Shopify Plus users can get access to more than 1500 apps. They all go a long way in adding some oomph and power to your Shopify store. It’s all about choosing the right apps based on your budget and your target consumers’ needs. They also help provide the much-needed mobile responsiveness in a world where most consumers prefer using smartphones compared to other internet tech devices.

2. Security 

When shopping online, the consumer’s security should always be guaranteed. One of the key aspects involves ensuring that the user's personal and financial data is secure. Have you ever clicked on a link, and you land on a page you cannot navigate comprehensively? The confusion may lead to the loss of cash for the online clients. For starters, customer security is almost guaranteed when using Shopify. The platform holds a Level 1 PCI compliance certification, which covers various areas like web hosting, shopping carts, and stores. They also go a long way in ensuring that secure networks are maintained by sellers, cardholder data is protected, and information security is top-notch.

3. Customer Service 

When shopping online, you will need a support system that will cool you down when the kids' tablet you bought is not working. One of the things that keep consumers coming back is the store's ability to come through for its clients when they are in need. With an array of communication platforms, you have a choice of sending emails, chatting, or making phone calls to the support team whenever you have an issue.  

4. Flexibility

Shopify is so versatile. The inbuilt tools make it easy to adapt to your business and customize it to an attractive professional page. Some themes are used to help you define your business. Whether you are selling a particular product, customizing shipping options, or coupons, you need to pick a Shopify theme for your store that makes it the client's desired choice. Apart from the appearance, it’s also about usability, features, and convenience. The developed tools ensure fulfillment, payment, and shipping options for the users.

5. Listing Mirror 

It helps in the process of growing your business by offering sellers robust software solutions for multi-channels. With this, you can manage your entire e-commerce business on one platform. Shopping is made easier: warehouse management, inventory & syncing, listing management, and order fulfillment.

6. Abandoned Cart Recovery 

As we shop online, many of us will select products, think twice about what is in the basket, and leave it in the cart eventually. When shopping on Shopify, they offer recovery services of helping you recover the cart you had once shopped for via emails and text notifications. This is a way to keep your clients on their toes and generate more revenue for you.  

The Benefits You Get by Using Shopify 

And there you have it. Using Shopify can be a great way to kickstart your business and it is a great platform to create an eCommerce store from. In case you had some doubts, the above few benefits might have convinced you to go ahead.

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