APMEX Review 2023: Buy Precious Metals Online

APMEX Review 2023: Buy Precious Metals Online

In today's volatile economic landscape, investors are seeking ways to diversify their portfolios and protect their assets from the effects of inflation and potential recessions. For centuries, precious metals like gold and silver have long been favored for their ability to retain value and serve as a hedge against inflation.

For those new to the game, investing in physical gold or silver can be a complex process. Thus, requiring careful consideration of costs and storage arrangements. This is where APMEX, a reputable player in the market, comes into the picture.

APMEX offers numerous options to make investing in precious metals accessible and hassle-free for the average investor. In this comprehensive APMEX review, we will look into the costs of investing, the storage arrangements they provide, and the diverse selection of precious metals available for investors to explore.

If you're considering adding gold, silver, or other precious metals to your investment strategy, read on to explore whether APMEX is the ideal platform to fulfill your precious metal needs.

What Is APMEX?

APMEX, short for the American Precious Metals Exchange, is one of the largest and most reputable dealers in the United States. Originally operating exclusively on eBay, APMEX was founded in 2000 in Oklahoma City and is now a standalone business.

Their inventory includes gold, silver, and palladium bars and coins. Thus, providing investors with multiple options to suit their individual preferences.

What sets APMEX apart is its commitment to offering unique features that enhance the investing experience.

APMEX Features

  • Portfolio Management

A free service that allows users to create a virtual snapshot of their metals investments, track their current value, and receive portfolio alerts for buying and selling decisions.

  • The Bullion Card

An exclusive Visa credit card from APMEX, provides rewards such as up to 4% back in gold or silver for purchases made on APMEX, 1% back for other transactions, an introductory 0% APR, and additional Visa perks.

  • AutoInvest

A feature that enables users to set up recurring purchases of metals using their own schedule and budget. Thus, offering a better range of metal products and flexible payment methods.

  • Precious Metals IRA

A comprehensive IRA service allows investors to diversify their retirement savings with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Furthermore, investors have support from knowledgeable IRA specialists, a wide selection of IRA-eligible products, and secure storage options.

  • Bullion Club

An exclusive rewards program tied to APMEX accounts, offering perks using membership tiers. This can include early access to special offers, exclusive flash sales, special discounts, and anniversary gifts.

  • Flexible Payment Options

APMEX accepts various payment methods, including checks, wire transfers, cryptocurrencies (with a 4% fee), credit cards, and PayPal. Check and wire payments currently receive a 4.167% discount on the order.

  • Storage Options

A storage service from Citadel, a subsidiary of APMEX, ensures the secure storage of precious metals.

  • Buyback Program

A convenient option for investors to liquidate their precious metals holdings without the hassle of finding buyers or paying expensive fees, with a minimum selling requirement of $1,000.

APMEX Pricing

At APMEX, the pricing of products is set by market demand. Thus, resulting in varying prices and minimums on the specific metal. APMEX does not charge commissions, and orders surpassing $199 qualify for free shipping. However, cancellations are subject to a $35 fee.

Certain payment methods, such as credit card or crypto transactions, carry a 4% fee. Whereas direct payments via check or wire transfer receive a 4% discount. It is important to note that APMEX has specific minimum requirements for certain services.

For a precious metals IRA, a minimum purchase of $2,000 is necessary. Thus, ensuring a solid foundation for retirement savings. Also, when selling precious metals to APMEX, investors must sell at least $1,000 worth of metals at a time.

APMEX Review: The Pros & Cons


  • Extensive selection of precious metals, offering a wide variety of options
  • Convenient automatic investing features for ease of investment
  • IRA-eligible, allowing for diversification of retirement savings
  • An accessible, secure, and trustworthy platform for purchasing precious metals
  • A flexible pricing range enables individuals with varying budgets to start investing


  • Some payment methods may incur a 4% fee, affecting overall transaction costs
  • Storage and shipping fees on APMEX are slightly higher than other platforms
  • The volatility of the precious metals market can lead to pricing fluctuations

APMEX Alternatives

If cost is your main concern, the relatively high fees of the APMEX service may turn you away. Luckily there are a number of quality companies that allow you to invest in precious metals with little to no money down.

For as little as $50 per month, you can start with Acre Gold’s Subscription service. To learn more about how this unique service works, check out this Acre Gold Review.

Another option is Money Metals Exchange. Money Metals Exchange offers a wide range of products, and will even loan precious metals to qualified individuals. To see if you qualify, read this Money Metals Exchange Review.

Final Thoughts

APMEX provides a comprehensive platform for investing in precious metals, offering a wide variety of options, automatic investing features, and IRA eligibility. While some payment methods may incur fees and storage/shipping costs are slightly higher, APMEX remains a reliable and secure platform for purchasing precious metals.

Take advantage of APMEX's offerings to diversify your investment portfolio and explore the potential benefits of precious metals. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the market, APMEX offers valuable resources to enhance your investment strategies.

Start your journey with APMEX today by clicking here and unlocking the opportunities in the world of precious metals.

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