Animate Your Business with

Animate Your Business with

Wondering through the masses of websites that are offering free or paid services can be maddening even for a seasoned web marketing veteran. After all, who has the time to tinker with every new tool that might be of use to your business in marketing and selling online? Nobody does.

I’ve taken the time to swim through the channels of many tech tools online for you, and one point of focus has been on image and video tools. Images and video have really become important keys for one's website and social media for business use. They capture the attention of viewers! Fortunately, the tools keep advancing and the price points improve for small business and now it is much easier and quite inexpensive to create great eye-catching image and video with online web tools.

"Web tools" are distinguished from "computer software" by the fact that the software is not downloaded and residing on your computer. Rather, the software is online, in the "cloud", where it is updated and you login to access it. This saves precious space on your computer hard drive and allows you to always have the most updated version of the software, simply by logging in online.

One newer online tool to animate your business that is worthy of consideration after my vetting process is Animatron. This is a European tool that's great for anyone to use and is gaining popularity worldwide. It allows you to create, without needing professional skills, animated image banners, infographics and more that you can embed on your website.

Animatron Key Features:

  1. All projects can be mobile friendly and work on any browser. The days of "flash" animation are over. Animatron works across all online tools including iPhones and iPads (where flash didn't).
  1. You can choose to make your projects public or private. This is handy for students, group corporate projects and individuals. Flexibility is primary, as most business owners need that flexible, turnkey option to have something private and then turn public at a specific date.
  1. makes it easy to operate without much training (they also have a number of tutorials, by the way). No coding knowledge is needed. Their user interface is simple and inviting.
  1. You are allowed to host your own work on your own site. That includes HTML5, with the Javascript and resource files.
  1. The timeline based animation is similar to all who are familiar with general types of video editing. This enables precise pinpoint editing for a smooth finished product.
  1. Getting back to the business advantages . . . a business owner or marketing manager is able to invite others to work or assist on the project simply by sending them the projects URL. Here is a big plus . . . you can watch the changes in real time!
  1. With their vector drawing tools and vector artwork libraries, you are empowered instead of left out in the cold to fend for yourself in the deep ocean of codingHTML5.
  1. You have the ability to import audio and have multiple scenes. 9. Their "snap to path" feature is a revolution for creating quick, quality animations.

These are only a few of the positive points of The website itself is designed with the ease of user interface in mind as well.

There are three plan options: FREE, Starter, and Pro. The free package is a great suggestion for the entry level user to marketing graphics. The cost of the Starter and Pro packages are $6/Month & $60/yr. and $20/month & $200/yr., respectively. This part really blew me away, only $200 to set your business apart from the multitudes of competitors? For those wanting to take their business imagery online to new heights, Animatron is the real deal!

Have you tried it? Let us know what you think about in the comments.

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