Ten Advantages of Dedicated Hosting Providers

Ten Advantages of Dedicated Hosting Providers

Hosting means having a virtual internet space for your website. When it is shared, you use a server with others; hence, the name “shared server.” When it is owned with all exclusive rights, it is called “dedicated server hosting" and is provided by a dedicated hosting provider.

In this article, you will learn more about its strengths.

Benefits of a Dedicated Hosting Provider

Shared servers host various business websites on a given server. This is economical, but it often comes with numerous disadvantages, such as site lagging, errors, and server timeout.

Hence, it is much better to use a dedicated service provider because of the numerous benefits that come with it. 

1. Round-the-Clock On-Site Support

A dedicated hosting provider offers its customers 24 hours clock on-site support. This enables the user to reach out to the service provider whenever there is any technical issue. It also allows the user to reach out for help via different means, such as:

  • Live chats;
  • Live technical support;
  • Feedback forms.

2. Unique IP Address

A significant characteristic of dedicated server security is that it comes with a unique IP address for a website. When using a shared server, the activities of other users influence yours. For example, if another user engages in spam activities, all the users on the shared users will pay the penalty and may be banned. 

Conversely, the exclusivity that comes with a dedicated hosting provider prevents the possibility of a ban since the user does not have to share with others. 

3. High Scalability

Another feature of a dedicated hosting provider is that it provides scalability options such as additional bandwidth or storage space when needed. Also, such a reliable server is flexible enough to allow the scaling down of the resources of a business, such as its operational activities.

4. Fast Speed

Website speed is a significant SEO factor that Google uses to determine the rankings of search engines. A fast website will, therefore, aid the ranking of a business in search results. 

Faster speeds are better achieved through the use of reliable dedicated servers. Also, website speed has a direct relationship with conversion rates. 

5. Optimum Website Security

Most online stores must abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and or Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations. In place of these, the security of such online stores cannot be compromised at any time. To adhere to the demands of these regulations, it is best to use dedicated server security. 

6. Available Dedicated Resources

A dedicated server is characterized by beneficial resources such as bandwidth, RAM, disk space, and CPU usage. The good thing is that these resources come with exclusive rights. With these exclusive rights, a user does not have to encounter issues prevalent with using a shared server, such as bans or penalties for spam activities. 

7. Reliability

A dedicated hosting provider is reliable for use on any website or application. Unlike shared servers, it can manage sudden traffic spikes. 

Reliable dedicated servers prevent the loss of income that may result from website downtime. This is possible because it provides better uptime, leading to low bounce rates. Moreover, a reliable host provides a 100% uptime guarantee for power and network availability. 

8. Managed Services Provisions

Research has shown that good managed service hosting includes deployment, regular maintenance, timely software updates, and handling data recovery. Hence, such management is crucial for website owners with little or no technical knowledge who do not want to hire an IT team. 

However, if a user is unwilling to allow the service provider to manage their server completely, the user can opt for a semi-managed hosting service. This allows the user to handle some management tasks while the service provider takes control of the remaining ones.

9. Top-of-the-Line Latest Hardware Technology

Suppose a user wants to rent a dedicated server from one of the best vendors. They will have the choice of setting it up and benefitting from advanced technology as soon as a new technological component is introduced to the market. This proves the adaptability of such reliable servers with new technology.

Additionally, dedicated servers outdo cloud hosting. In cases where the two servers have the same CPU, RAM, or drive space, dedicated server security is more effective than the cloud-hosting alternative.

10. Cost-Effectiveness

Many users argue that a dedicated server is too expensive. Nonetheless, in comparison to its productivity, it is cost-effective! It offers excellent value for money. The user benefits greatly from such a hosting solution, from control to optimum security and excellent reliability. 


The importance of reliable dedicated servers to websites and businesses cannot be over-emphasized. Therefore it is vital to choose a server that provides maximum benefits in proportion to its price. 

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