A Brief History of Cryptocurrencies and Casinos

A Brief History of Cryptocurrencies and Casinos

Gambling has been a popular pastime all over the world for centuries. The first real casinos were established during the Renaissance period in Italy. Since then, casinos and gambling have gone from strength to strength, and although regulations and laws try to limit them. Even so, casino gambling is still a massively popular form of entertainment today.

In the modern world, casino gaming isn’t limited to land-based casinos. Players can now log in and enjoy a wide range of games, including poker and bingo online. Often at Polish digital gambling sites. This online revolution has made gambling even more accessible than ever. This brings the fun of the casino directly to the living rooms of players all over the world.

Online casinos are always looking to innovate. Recently they have begun to accept the use of cryptocurrency as a form of payment. These digital currencies have made headlines in recent years and the number of crypto users is growing even faster than the rise of online casinos. There are now more crypto casinos than ever before. Often, these sites offer greater anonymity, secure payments, and faster transactions. To find out more we talk to our Polish gambling and crypto expert, Jacek Michałski. Find his online profile here.

Casino History

The first gambling games are believed to have been played in Ancient China. However, it’s possible that gambling, particularly in sports, existed long before then. What we do know is that the very first casinos were built in Italy during the Renaissance period. These buildings were known as gambling houses, and the very first one was built in 1638 in Venice.

Known as the Ridotto, this historic building is still open and active today. Although it’s now known as the Casino di Venezia. It was built by the council of Venice to offer controlled gambling during the city’s carnival season. However, it was later closed due to too many lords and gentry going bankrupt from playing too much.

Although the Ridotto closed in 1774, casinos continued to be popular across Europe with games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. Many of these games were invented in France. These remain highly popular at casinos across the world today, although there have been a few rule changes over the years.

US Gambling History

In the US, gambling was originally outlawed in the early 20th century. But the state of Nevada managed to legalize gambling in 1931. It was here that modern casinos as we know them began to develop. Las Vegas soon became a world-renowned destination for gamblers. Now, Las Vegas offers just about every type of gambling you can imagine, including sports, table casino games, and slots.

While physical locations have always been popular, the introduction of online casinos changed how people gamble forever. With the introduction of digital technology, it was only a matter of time before software developer CryptoLogic launched the first genuine commercial online casino in 1996. Intercasino made it easy for players to enjoy gambling while at home on the computer. Soon, lots of new online casinos were popping up, offering popular table games like roulette, blackjack, and poker. As technology improves, so do the games, security, and payment systems that these sites use. Online casinos have since become the preferred way for players across the world to enjoy casino games, including in Poland. Try some of the best casino options here to get started.

The History of Cryptocurrency

Digital payment systems were first conceived in the 80s. They then quickly grew in popularity as the internet became more widely used. These services allow users to make fast and secure payments online. Soon after online casinos began to utilize them. The only downside of these services was the fees and the degree of trust they require.

Cryptocurrencies were the solution. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was created by Satoshi Nakamoto as a means of fast, secure, anonymous, and trustworthy online payments. Although the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is still shrouded in mystery, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have gone on to be wildly successful. The total value of crypto is now over $2 trillion and could potentially continue to grow.

Crypto Casinos

Those with a knowledge of the cryptocurrency background were unsurprised to see online casinos quickly hop on the trend. Crypto offers a new perfect way for users to deposit and withdraw funds discretely online. It is particularly popular if they live in a country or region with restrictions against gambling.

Those who live in countries such as Poland where gambling is restricted, or illegal can benefit from the anonymity of cryptocurrency. Even those who live in countries where online casinos are legal can still benefit from the fast transactions and low fees that most cryptocurrencies provide. These features are likely to mean that the number of online casinos accepting cryptocurrency will continue to grow over the next few years.

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