6 Instagram Video Marketing Tips You Need to Know

6 Instagram Video Marketing Tips You Need to Know

If you’re a business operating on Instagram, there are a few things you should know about successful Instagram video marketing tips for the platform. As one of the largest social media hubs on the web, Instagram is the perfect place to find new customers for your brand, but you won’t get anywhere if you don’t know how to properly market yourself. Here we’ll cover six Instagram video tips for business

1. Authenticity Matters

Viewers appreciate genuine content. Content that makes them feel a certain way or invokes the need to act. When you’re advertising your brand, you should strive to be as authentic as possible. What are your brand’s values? What do you stand for? Reflect these values in your videos. Let your customers get a better idea of what it means to support you. 

People flock to genuine content. Why do you think vlogging is so popular? It offers an intimate, authentic look into a person’s life. Keep your content genuine, honest, and emotionally relatable, and you’ll keep the attention of your audience and ultimately grow your Instagram Likes. 

2. #Hashtags 

Using the right hashtags to represent your content is half the battle on Instagram. Should you use #beauty or #love, or are they overused? Should I use my company-specific jargon as a hashtag? All of these questions and more probably enter your mind when you’re trying to formulate the best hashtags for your content. 

To answer the first question, some of the most popular hashtags on Instagram are #love and #beauty. What does this mean? While you can certainly include these hashtags on your posts, they’re likely to get buried when associated with such popular hashtags. 

The more specific your hashtags can be, the better. For example, let’s say you’re selling beauty products. Instead of using #beauty, try something like #beautyproducts or #self-care. 

3. Use A Business Profile

If you’re not using one already, it’s time to get on the bandwagon. An Instagram business account can help you become a better marketer on the platform, and take your business to new heights with platform-specific tools to improve your reach. 

Instagram business profiles allow you to promote your posts as ads, add links to your stories, schedule and auto-post content, and gives access to helpful analytics tools to track your followers. It’s always good to know how much your page has grown (or hasn’t grown), as well as where your followers are coming from. 

Engagement data lets you know how many followers are actually engaging with your content, so you can tweak it to hold people’s attention better. 

4. Post Product Promos 

A quick promotional video for a new product can be the perfect way to entice your followers’ curiosity without overloading them with a sales pitch. No one likes watching ads, but when you keep them short, sweet, and to the point, you’ll have much better results. 

A product promo can be as simple as a short ad announcing the new product or an in-depth breakdown of how it works. One strategy is to post a short video covering one feature each day until you’ve covered every feature your product has to offer. 

5. Don’t Be Overly Sales-y

While posting a promo video is an ad in itself, you don’t want to be overly sales-y with your approach, either. When you simply post a picture or video of a product and say “you need to buy this now”, you’re not being very compelling. 

At the end of the day, consumers look for products to solve a problem. What can your product do for your customers? What problem does it solve? A focus on how your products benefit the customer rather than why they need to buy it now can yield greater results. 

Let your customers know that your products are specifically designed to meet their specific needs. 

6. Share Your Videos Elsewhere 

It’s important to understand that Instagram isn’t the only social media platform out there, and not everyone uses it. You’ll need to branch out and share your videos to other platforms in order to maximize your reach and the effectiveness of your advertising. 

The more people you can reach with a single video, the more likely it is that you’ll make a few sales. Extend your video’s reach to Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms by sharing a direct link or posting the same video on each platform with a link to your Instagram page in the description. 

The Bottom Line 

Marketing on Instagram takes some practice, but once you understand how your hashtags work, what content resonates with your customers, and you start using your business profile’s analytics tools, you’ll become a master in no time. 

Remember that authenticity sells, and Instagram isn’t the only platform out there. These Instagram video marketing tips are key and you must diversify, hold true to your brand’s values, and create entertaining content. 

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