5 Reasons to Hire a Website Designer for Your eCommerce Store

5 Reasons to Hire a Website Designer for Your eCommerce Store

An attractive, user-friendly website is crucial to the success of any eCommerce business. When you’re first launching your online store, it can be tempting to try building the site yourself to save on initial costs. However, whether you’re selling custom curtains online or handmade jewelry, an experienced website designer can create a site optimized for converting site visitors into paying customers. Read on for five compelling reasons to hire a professional designer when creating your eCommerce site.

1. Boost Credibility and Trust

A polished, visually appealing website designed by professionals like conveys legitimacy and makes customers more likely to trust you with their business. Elements like easy navigation, quality images, strong visual branding, and a consistent look across all pages helps build credibility for a new business that doesn’t yet have an established reputation. Customers will feel more confident purchasing from stores that have invested in a high-quality website. An amateurish site on the other hand may cause them to question if your business is reputable and professional. This is not what you want when selling things online.

2. Improve Site Usability

Navigating a cluttered or confusing site filled with broken links or pages that won’t load will swiftly drive customers away. A professional designer considers site usability from the first stages of planning and creates intuitive navigation menus, simplifies checkout processes, and ensures site speed and responsiveness. Smoothing out pain points through improved usability leads visitors to stay onsite longer, view more products, and complete more purchases. Poor usability particularly on mobile devices is a major barrier to completing online transactions.

3. Drive More Traffic

A professionally designed site incorporates search engine optimization (SEO) best practices so more people can find your site when searching for related keywords. This brings in targeted traffic most likely to convert to sales. SEO sites also perform better in search engine result rankings. Additionally, an attractive, well-designed site tends to generate more shares and links on social media, compounding the increase in traffic. Appearing on the first page of search engines for relevant product terms can expand your customer reach exponentially.

4. Boost Conversions

In addition to driving traffic, website designers utilize tactics like effective calls-to-action, strategic layout and clarity of product information, and trust seals to compel more visitors to make a purchase once they arrive at your site. They run conversion rate optimization tests and analyze metrics to continually refine the site and maximize sales. The ultimate goal is getting products in front of people who want them and then removing any barriers standing in the way of purchase completion. Carefully crafted copywriting also plays a key role in convincing visitors to become customers.

5. Stand Out from Competitors

Having a custom-designed, professionally polished site can help your business stand out amongst competing eCommerce companies, including larger corporations. Unique branding and design tailored specifically to your products and target customer base helps your company establish a distinguished look and feel that reflects the personality behind your brand. Visitors remember visually impactful sites, so distinctive design gives you an advantage. In a crowded market, you need an exceptional site to grab customer attention right away.

Ready to Hire Your eCommerce Site Designer?

Hopefully the potential benefits detailed above have convinced you that partnering with website design professionals is a smart investment when launching an eCommerce site – and a much better decision than trying to DIY it alone. A professional company’s years of experience designing high-converting, SEO online stores equip them to create the ideal site to connect your products with their ideal customers. There’s no good reason not to outsource this job to the professionals.

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