5 Marketing Strategies Your Brand Needs to Implement in 2023

5 Marketing Strategies Your Brand Needs to Implement in 2023

At the halfway point through the year, it’s time to assess what’s been working and what’s changed in the marketing world. Is your brand using the right marketing strategies to stay relevant this year and in the future?

In 2023, five marketing strategies have emerged as essential: micro storytelling, outdoor brand activations, mobile integration, content marketing, and social commerce.

#1 Micro Storytelling

In the age of TikTok, videos need to be kept short. You have a lot less time to tell your brand’s story than you did in the past. Thus, you need fast-paced, easy-to-digest videos that you can put on TikTok and YouTube Reels. These should get your point across before viewers lose interest.

One key tip to remember when you’re making short videos is not to neglect brand consistency or value for your customers. You’ll quickly fall out of the algorithm if people don’t engage, and the best way to get engagement is to create relevant, value-added content.

Short-form content simply performs better right now. Get in on micro storytelling to communicate what your brand is all about.

#2 Outdoor Brand Activations

The demand for live entertainment remains surprisingly strong. Even while analysts predicted a reduction in ticket prices, the cost of concerts, music festivals, and live sports remains high. People want the feeling of getting together and sharing that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Big outdoor events like music festivals, live sports, tailgate parties, and more are great opportunities for sponsorship activations and brand activations.

One of the struggles marketers have with outdoor events is digital signage. However, not many portable digital billboards are tough enough to move or to be in outdoor environments.

One company, BIG Digital, makes portable digital billboards designed for the outdoors. They’re weather-rated, completely portable, battery-powered with no cables necessary, and easy to install and move. Check out BIG Digital billboard rentals when you need event signage or interactive digital experiences for your next outdoor activation.

#3 Mobile Integration

Everyone is on their phones all the time these days. Therefore, the best way for brands to compete for attention is to meet audiences where they’re at. It’s not just that people are spending more time on their phones; it’s that they’re also spending more money on mobile as well.

Today, approximately half of all web traffic comes from mobile. There are several strategies brands can employ to get more out of their mobile presence. These, include mobile optimization, integration of push notifications, and enabling proactive, on-demand conversations.

Customers want answers fast. Reach them where they’re at with better mobile integration.

#4 Content Marketing

Content marketing staples like blogging aren’t going anywhere. With Google switching its format from page-by-page to endless scroll, quality content is more important than ever to stay on top.

Right now, the most effective way brands have to improve their search engine results is by proving their expertise. With the rise of AI-generated ads, people (and search engines) are looking for authenticity and real experience.

People are looking for answers when they turn to a search engine, and brands that can give their customers honest, robust answers and solutions will quickly rise to the top. People can tell when someone knows what they’re talking about.

#5 Social Commerce

If you’re not already using social commerce, you are missing out. Social commerce is social media companies that turn their platforms into sales platforms. Social commerce streamlines marketing to sales by letting shoppers complete a purchase without ever having to leave the app.

It’s a model that Gen Z has become increasingly comfortable with. Thus, more brands are connecting their social media and eCommerce platforms. As social commerce becomes an increasingly common and mainstream way to shop, brands need to adapt to reach new audiences. After all, it is a key way to increase their sales opportunities.

Stay on top of new marketing strategies that work. Find new ways to engage with your customers and get your brand noticed.

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