3 Types of Live Videos Businesses Should Start to Produce

Live videos are one of the biggest trends to hit social media in recent years. To say they are popular would be an understatement, as live videos have a wider reach, get more viewers, and are able to keep viewers watching for longer.

Suffice to say no business can afford to ignore live videos, and every business stands to benefit by taking advantage of it. However in order to do that you’ll need to start to produce live videos – which can be a slight stumbling block.

That is why a good place to start is with a few types of live videos in particular:

Q&A Sessions

Hosting a Q&A session is a great way to take advantage of everything that live videos have to offer. It will let your audience directly interact with you and allow you to engage with them in turn.

Comparatively a Q&A session is easy to produce and all you need is a decent way to record and stream a video of yourself as you answer questions. It may be a good idea to have a person or team to moderate and pick out questions that you can then answer, as that will help avoid a lot of dead air.

If you want to scale it up, you could get a panel of various people in different roles within your business to answer different types of questions.

Webinars or Instructional Videos

Think of this type of video as the live equivalent of a video guide, or an informative presentation. In both cases the aim is basically to teach the audience how to do something they don’t know, or learn about something new.

For example you could share your expertise in a particular area – or show them how you make one of your products.

Some preparation will be required to pick out the topics, write a rough script, and handle any logistics for the video. It is important that you ensure that the video isn’t dry, and you should try to make it as entertaining as possible for viewers by injecting some personality into it.

Keep in mind that you can record webinar and re-use the footage to create other content as well. All that you need for that is a free screen recorder, such as VMaker Screen Recorder for example.

‘Behind the Scenes’ Workplace Tours

One of the more popular types of live videos that businesses have taken to are behind the scenes tours of their workplace. For businesses these videos will give them the chance to show viewers their company culture and let them see and get to know the people behind the brand.

While this type of video is generally best if it appears authentic and unscripted, some preparation can help. At very least you should have a rough idea of what you’re going to show people, so that you can keep the video flowing and keep the audience interested.

Along the way you should try to conduct short impromptu interviews with employees. That way viewers can hear more about the company culture from actual staff – and it will carry more weight.

In most cases this type of video is a ‘one-off’, but there are exceptions – such as when you add something new to the workplace.

Final Words

As you can see each of the types of videos listed above will definitely appeal to viewers and allow your business to take advantage of the benefits of producing live videos. Make no mistake there are lots of other types of live videos that you could explore – such as expert interviews, discussion panels, live events, reaction videos, and more.

At the end of the day you should have more than enough ideas to start to come up with a plan for the live videos that you feel would best fit your business. After you start to publish them and see the impact that live videos can have, you will probably never look back.

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