3 Inbound Marketing Approaches to Consider for Your Business

3 Inbound Marketing Approaches to Consider for Your Business

Are you thinking about how to market your business with an inbound marketing approach? In this modern world of social media, clickbait and You-Tube videos there are endless ways of promoting your business that wasn’t available in the past.

This can feel empowering and amazing, knowing you can target customers all over the world but it can also feel overwhelming.

You might feel you don't know where to target your time, money and resources.

Here are three top marketing approaches that can help you improve your inbound marketing strategy.

1. Online Courses

Consider running online courses. Do you have a business offering one-to-one coaching, on how to get a job abroad as an English teacher? Or maybe on dating techniques?

Then consider setting up an online course over a series of weeks to offer solid advice as to how your potential customers can achieve their goals. This should be a teaser for your business. You don't want to give away all of your secrets at once.

You might also want to consider charging a smaller amount for the course so that you are making a profit from it. Advertise this to all of your followers and see what happens.

It could translate into sales if you start to build up a relationship with the participants in the course.

Remember PR, SEO and content marketing are now very similar and so your online course can tick all of those boxes for you as promoting it can also be a platform from which to blog.

2. Newsletters as a inbound marketing approach

Newsletters are a great inbound marketing way of building a following and a community. They are designed to share what you are doing at any given moment and to share updates about the company. You can also mention future projects and your company plans for the next few days.

Creating an audience and community in this way is a great way of building a potential client base. If they feel invested enough in your core values and the trajectory of the company they might decide to become a customer. 

3. Build a Brand and Get Noticed

Building a brand that is well known is the best to build your client base. This is more than just creating a logo and putting together some slogans.

It's about constructing a sense of values and an ethos that clients can get behind. From there you create social media platforms and campaigns in national newspapers based on these ideas. Part of creating this is also learning how to deal with social media storms over perceived breakdowns in these values.

If you are unsure where to start then be sure to hire a brand manager or an agency to oversee this for you. If that's not an option then be sure to learn about inbound marketing so that you have the skill set to complete it yourself.

There Are Many Different Marketing Approaches

If you are considering your inbound marketing strategy then be sure to remember that there are loads of different strategies and you must adopt the one that is right for your company.

From building a brand that gets you noticed to creating an online course, consider your options carefully.

If you want to learn more about different marketing approaches and examples of inbound marketing then be sure to check out the rest of our marketing blog.


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