10 Things Web Designers Hate to Hear from Clients

10 Things Web Designers Hate to Hear from Clients

Web designers are the masters of creating visually pleasing, functional, and user-friendly websites. They are experts at turning the most abstract idea into reality, helping clients establish an adequate online presence.

However, certain expressions and requests can make them cringe. These phrases not only complicate the web design process but also hinder the motivation of the designer. But clients have no idea what those unfair requests are.

So, here’s us sharing 10 things that web designers in Melbourne hate to hear from clients.

1. "Can You Make It More Like [Competitor's Website]?"

Comparing your website to a competitor's can be useful for benchmarking, but asking your web designer to replicate it can be problematic.

Every business is unique, and your website should reflect your brand identity, goals, and values. Your web designer understands this, and thus, it puts them off. Instead of copying a competitor's website, work with your designer to identify what sets you apart and develop a design that showcases your uniqueness.

2. "I Want Everything Above the Fold."

The concept of "above the fold" originates from the newspaper industry, where the most critical news would appear on the top half of the front page.

In web design, this phrase is often used to request that all essential content be visible without scrolling. However, modern web design is more dynamic and relies on scrolling to deliver engaging and informative content. So, insisting on everything being "above the fold" can lead to cluttered and unattractive designs. You should trust your web designer's expertise in creating a user-friendly layout that encourages exploration.

3. "I Need It Done ASAP."

Rushing a web design project can lead to subpar results. Quality web design takes time to plan, create, and test. When clients demand a rushed timeline, it often means that important aspects such as user experience, accessibility, and testing are sacrificed.

Therefore, it's essential to set realistic timelines with your web designer to ensure your website meets high standards and functions flawlessly.

4. "Can You Make the Logo Bigger?"

Yes, your logo is a crucial part of your brand identity, and you want to make it stand out. However, making it excessively large can disrupt the overall design balance and overwhelm the user.

Effective web design prioritizes clarity, readability, and user experience over making one element dominate the page. So, discuss it with your web designer and see what’s their take on it. Your designer knows how to find the right balance between branding and usability.

5. "I Want Flashy Animations Everywhere."

Flashy animations may seem eye-catching, but they can also slow down your website's loading time, causing frustration for users. Moreover, overly elaborate animations can distract from the content and make the website feel unprofessional.

So, make sure you are not asking this from your web designer. Instead, focus on using them strategically to enhance user engagement and convey important information.

6. "My Nephew Knows Photoshop; He Can Help with the Design."

While it's great that your nephew has Photoshop skills, web design is a highly specialized field that goes beyond image editing.

Professional web designers possess a deep understanding of user experience, responsive design, accessibility, and other critical aspects. Relying on someone without web design expertise can result in a website that lacks the functionality and effectiveness your business needs.

Besides, when you are talking about a relative in a professional space, you are, in other words, undermining the efforts of your professional.

7. "Can You Use These Stock Photos I Found?"

Stock photos can be a convenient resource, but using them excessively makes your website appear generic and impersonal. Web designers prefer to create or select images that align with your brand's identity and message.

So, do this instead: Collaborate with your designer to curate a gallery of images that resonate with your target audience and enhance the overall design.

8. "I Want a Website Just Like [Trendy Website]."

Following design trends can be a good starting point, but blindly emulating a trendy website might not be the best strategy. Design trends change over time, and what is fashionable today may become outdated tomorrow.

You must focus on creating a timeless design that reflects your brand's personality and values. Your web designer can help you incorporate current trends in a way that won't make your website look dated in a few years.

9. "I'll Know What I Want When I See It."

This is probably the most annoying statement for a web designer. Lack of clarity in your project requirements can lead to a frustrating and inefficient design process. Web designers need a clear vision and specific guidelines to create a website that meets your expectations.

You must put your effort into the project. The most basic are defining your goals, target audience, and design preferences before starting the project. It will save both you and your designer time and ensure a smoother collaboration.

10. "Can You Add This Feature for Free?"

Web designers invest time and expertise to create custom websites tailored to your needs. Expecting additional features or revisions without considering the extra work involved is unfair to the designer.

It's reasonable to request changes within the scope of the original agreement, but significant additions or changes may require additional fees. Simply don’t ask your designer something you wouldn’t do for free. Respect your designer's professionalism and value their time and skills.

Now You’re Ready for a Professional Web Designer in Melbourne:

Effective communication and collaboration between clients and web designers are crucial for creating successful websites. By avoiding these ten approaches, you can definitely foster a more productive working relationship with your designer.

If you are looking for a reliable web design service in Melbourne, try checking out Make My Website. MMW has vast experience designing websites for various industries, from plumbing to NDIS web design.

Most importantly, their clients trust their expertise in designing websites that stand out in the digital landscape. So, check out their page and see if MMW is what you are looking for.

Good luck!

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