TrendSpider Review

TrendSpider Review

These days, getting ahead in the stock market can be a challenge. With inflation on the rise and the housing market in flux thanks to higher interest rates, it can be tough to find a good place to invest your money.

What if you had access to a platform that not only charted all the latest trends but was also able to recognize patterns within the market to help you be more successful in the market?

If this sounds like something that interests you, keep reading to learn more about TrendSpider as well as a TrendSpider review.

What Is TrendSpider?

You might not be familiar with TrendSpider or how they compare to other charting platforms and that’s ok. They are a relatively new company that launched in 2018 in Chicago.

TrendSpider is an automated technical analysis platform that was made by traders, for traders and has quickly become one of the most comprehensive technical analysis software on the market.

Who is TrendSpider For?

Like many other comparable programs, TrendSpider is designed to help all types of traders including day traders, general investors, and even swing traders.

What sets TrendSpider apart from other, similar programs is that it uses sophisticated AI that learns algorithms to help detect trends and chart patterns. As a result, TrendSpider gets these trends and patterns right at a higher clip than some of its competitors.

While TrendSpider can help those who are newer to investing and trading with their free training guides and access to extensive videos, it is ideal for experienced and professional traders.

How Much Does TrendSpider Cost?

For all new users, TrendSpire offers a seven-day free trial period. Once that trial period is up, they offer three different membership plans: Premium, Elite, and Advanced.

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is TrendSpider’s most basic plan and will run you $44 a month ($36.67/month if you sign up for an annual subscription instead of monthly). This plan comes with a free one-on-one training session as well as real-time data during market hours for NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ stocks as well as ETFs and Crypto.

Premium users also have access to unlimited trend detection, analysis, indicators, trendlines, and lookups. While Premium users do have access to an unlimited number of dynamic price alerts as well, the plan does limit it to 25 active alerts at a time.

Elite Plan

The Elite Plan is $87 a month ($72.50/month when purchased annually) and includes everything the Premium Plan does, plus access to some additional perks including:

  • Futures data
  • Pre and post-market data
  • Indices data
  • Access to unique features including multi-factor alerts

Advanced Plan

As the name suggests, the Advanced Plan is TrendSpider’s most advanced and comprehensive plan. It is also their most expensive plan at $131 a month ($109.17/month with the annual subscription).

The Advanced Plan comes with everything the Premium and Elite plans do. It also offers additional, unique features such as higher limits on things such as scan results, alerts, and workspaces.

What Are Some of TrendSpider’s Most Popular Features?

What makes TrendSpider stand out are some of the more unique features that they offer their clients.


Automated trendline analysis is one of the biggest features that separates TrendSpider from other similar programs. You can enter any ticker into the chart and choose a timeframe. Then TrendSpider will show you all of the relevant trendlines pertaining to that particular ticker. You can even customize the trendline settings to get whatever type of analysis you are looking for.


Another selling point of TrendSpider is all the different types of charts that they offer. This includes bar charts, candlestick charts, and hollow charts. These charts give users real-time information and can be customized based on your preferences.

Conviction Settings

The conviction settings feature allows users to choose between high, medium, low, and none. You can choose which setting you want based on how filtered you want your results to be.

  • High - shows only the strongest and most effective trendlines
  • Medium and Low - shows more secondary and alternate trendlines
  • None - Shows all trendlines

The high setting might be more useful for those who are new to trading. However, day traders, professional traders, and those who are more experienced might find the “none” setting more beneficial. This is because they can see all available trendlines.

Are You Interested in TrendSpider After Reading This TrendSpider Review?

While there might be a slight learning curve even for the most experienced of traders, TrendSpider really does offer something for everyone. No matter if you are a professional trader or someone who is just starting to get into the market.

For more information about TrendSpider, or to get their seven-day free trial period, visit their website by clicking here.

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