Using Waftio for Surveys

Using Waftio for Surveys 315
Finding a cost-effective, and efficient method of generating leads is always at the top of marketers lists. Surveys are a great way to interact with your target consumer base and gauge your brand's marketability based on its reception by the public.  If you keep them simple, surveys can be a great way to learn and even grow leads at the same time.
Waftio is a convenient lead generation system that comes with a built-in function that allows you to easily create your own embedded survey app to give to your target audience.

What To Use a Survey For

Use a survey to connect with your viewers and get answers from your clients and prospective clients on their perspective or experience. Here're a few tips on surveys.

  • Ask open-ended questions to get opinions on products, from additional colors and sizes to additional features.
  • Find out what your customers want you to teach them. Ask about their pain and challenges with your industry or product and answer their questions with your next blog posts.
  • Get the lowdown on your packaging or website. Ask about the end user experience to make your product or website easier for your customer.
  • Another method is to use a quick checkbox or multiple-choice question survey to get specific, measurable feedback.  Asking 3-4 questions is reasonable and can be accomplished by the visitor in less than 25 seconds.

Here are some tips and tricks to creating a simple, but effective survey using Waftio's user-friendly interface.

Getting the Waftio Survey App Up and Running

You'll want log into Waftio, and locate the Add App tab. Click on either the Add App or Click Here located at the bottom of the tab.

You'll see 3 options, Survey App, Form App and Sweepstakes Form App. Click on survey app to continue this process.

Defining Your Survey's Specifications

This is the step in which you'll get hands-on and craft your survey according to your needs. There are several settings options on board to assist you in this process, which are:

  • App Builder - Where you will build the foundation for your survey
  • Embed - Allowing you to embed the form on your website
  • Integrations - Allows key data like name and email address to be added right to email services like MailChimp, AWeber, and InfusionSoft, or to event tool like GoToWebinar.

You'll use the App Builder function to add relevant images to your survey and fill the app with necessary data to serve its intended purpose. Simply click the Add option and plug in any question you wish to be answered by your viewers.


Ideally, you will want to use questions that relate, either directly or indirectly, to your product, service or brand. Once your survey is complete, you can embed it on your webpage.



Analyzing the Outcome of Your New Survey

Under the Stats tab, you have the option to view statistics about your survey. You have the option to see if and when users submitted their information and what type of device they used.Deciphering the information itself can be a bit trickier. Your app could be as simple as asking the user to provide their name or email, or feedback on your web page itself.

Not getting the response you'd like? You might need to change a thing or two in your app. Waftio is an excellent, easy to use lead generation system and its ability to completely automate the process of conducting surveys can be invaluable.

How have you used surveys to get the vital info need to keep your business growing? Share with us in the comments.

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