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3 Types of Product Liability Claims that Affect Businesses

January 22, 2023
Starting a business has its share of risks and rewards. However, businesses that fail to conduct routine assessments of their manufacturing processes or perform quality assurance checks are exposing themselves to legal trouble. Any business that sells distributes or manufactures a product can be vulnerable to product liability claims. The consequences of these types of […]

Pivotal Things to Know When Hiring Misdemeanor Defense Attorneys

January 19, 2023
No one handles facing criminal charges well, with the indictment adversely affecting their personal, financial, and professional lives. A conviction can often lead to imprisonment, depending on the severity of the charges, impacting the current and future quality of life. Remember, attempting to defend yourself against misdemeanor charges, however minor, is unwise, as you need […]

The Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases (And How to Avoid Them)

January 10, 2023
If you've ever been in a car accident, you know how traumatic it can be. Not only are you dealing with the physical injuries sustained in the crash, but you also have to worry about the potential for a personal injury lawsuit. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are more than 2 […]

Retail Insurance: What It Is and How to Get It for Your Business

January 9, 2023
Navigating the world of insurance can be a daunting task for new business owners. Whether for personal use or commercial purposes, understanding the ins and outs of insurance policies is key. After all, they ensure that you and your business are adequately protected from financial disasters. When it comes to retail insurance, having a reliable […]

Why Do We Need Welders?

January 6, 2023
Have you ever wondered why we need the welding industry and what we would do without it? You’re about to find out. Welding can be seen throughout all of society. Welding supplies help support buildings, create fences, and connect pipes. You should be thankful there are skilled welders out there. Without them, you might have […]

What Does A Business Lawyer Do?

December 15, 2022
Business lawyers play different roles in a budding business. If you’re a business owner looking to start or own a business, a lawyer can help you in different cases. For instance, if you live in a place like Tampa and you want things to go without issues in your business, you might need to hire […]

Early Case Assessment and eDiscovery

November 28, 2022
Case assessment examines a data set and identifies topics or themes in the data, which can be helpful in litigation. Early Case Assesment aims to identify cases that require further investigation while ensuring that their results aid future analysis and decision-making.  When it comes to early case assessment, it’s important to keep several things in […]

6 Reasons Why Companies Conduct Pre-Employment Drug Testing

November 6, 2022
Pre-employment drug testing is a crucial part of any business's recruitment process. Not only does it help reduce costs from drug use, but it can also provide employees with a second chance and is legal in most states. Here are six reasons why companies should conduct this screening before hiring their employees: It Reduces the […]

How Do You Know When Your Business Needs a Solicitor?

November 3, 2022
As the owner of a new business, you might feel that having a solicitor onboard is an unnecessary expense you can’t afford while setting up your company and with so many other aspects of entrepreneurship competing for your finances. There is also a concern that solicitors charge high fees, which makes it practically impossible to […]

Tips to Find the Best Lawyer for Business Litigation

October 25, 2022
When you're in business, the last thing you want is to get sued. But unfortunately, it happens to even the best of companies. When this happens, you need a good lawyer on your side. They can help protect your company's interests and fight off any unwanted legal action. Finding the right lawyer for your business […]

Why Getting an ERISA Lawyer is Worth the Cost

October 16, 2022
When it comes to getting the most out of your retirement plan, it's important to have an experienced ERISA lawyer on your side. A simple search online shows just how many employers fail to follow ERISA guidelines, and this can have a major impact on your retirement savings. If you're not sure what ERISA is or how […]

Michigan's Sexual Abuse Laws - What You Need to Know

October 15, 2022
If you are a victim of sexual abuse or know someone who is, it is vital to be aware of Michigan's sexual abuse laws. These laws are in place to protect victims and ensure that their abusers are held accountable for their actions. Knowing these laws can help you or someone you know gets the […]

Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Federal Defense Lawyers

October 7, 2022
Don’t entrust your case to an acquaintance. Even if you have a family friend who’s an attorney, avoid working with them. They might have professional expertise in federal defense law, but that doesn’t mean they’ll offer you the best representation in court. Plus, they might not possess all the skills you require. Thus, choose a […]

What Happens If Both Parties Are Partially At Fault In A Car Accident?

August 11, 2022
In a car collision, the fault is not always clear. Sometimes just one driver is found to be at fault in an accident, while sometimes both parties are found to be somewhat at fault. If both drivers are found to be partially at fault in a car accident, the percentage of responsibility could be 50/50, […]

What To Do If A Car Insurance Company Denies Your Claim?

August 11, 2022
Even though being in a car accident is stressful, it gets worse if your auto insurance company denies your claim. In several scenarios, an insurance company will find a reasonable justification for declining to pay out on a car claim. However, this isn't always the case, and you may find yourself seeking an auto fraud lawyer to […]

5 Things to Think About When Finding a Lawyer for Business

July 27, 2022
Choosing the right commercial litigator lawyer can be a daunting task, especially when you're starting a new business. The legal system is complicated, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the jargon and unfamiliar terms. A good lawyer will help you navigate this unfamiliar territory and make sure that your business is set […]

What Do You Know About Fit For Duty Testing?

June 9, 2022
OSHA requires employees to be fit for duty physically, and mentally. However, businesses must consider emotional conditions as well. These regulations allow workers to perform their duties without risking damage to themselves, their colleagues, the workplace, or the general public. When Do Employers Require Fit for Duty Testing? It is typical for employees to take […]

What Type of Liquor License Do I Need for My Business

June 4, 2022
Alcohol is an intrinsic feature of the food and beverages side of the hospitality industry. Namely in bars, restaurants, pubs and lounges but also in other associated businesses. Wherever alcohol is involved a business must comply with federal and state licensing laws. The US liquor laws are federal and are administered by each state. Each […]

Startups and Taxes: 10 Things To Know

May 28, 2022
There’s no doubt that starting a business is one of the most exciting times in an entrepreneur’s life. But it doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. One of those challenges is figuring out how to file your tax returns properly as a startup.   Fortunately, the IRS has created an online portal where you […]

5 Pieces of Advice When Considering Selling a Business

April 26, 2022
Selling your business can be one of the most exciting and rewarding decisions you'll ever make in your life, but it's not an easy process by any means. Whether you're an entrepreneur who has been trying to sell your business or if you're considering selling your business, there are several important factors to consider and questions […]
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