Tips For Leveling Up

Tips For Levelling Up

Are you at an impasse in your career or life? Finding that you’re frustrated with the growth of your business, or getting frustrated at your lack of understanding of certain sectors? There comes a time, often after one has been working solidly on one project or business for a prolonged period of time that they realize they’ve become stunted. This is the time to take stock of the situation and look at ways of leveling up their skills. 

Learning is so good for your growth, that expanding your mind in one direction is likely to help you more generally. If you find yourself in a rut, the best thing to do is… well… anything! So, to level up, the best tip of all is to just start moving! 

Make every day a learning day 

Embedding positive new habits into your routine can have you leveling up your life in no time. Take a look at what other successful people do (entrepreneurs, creatives, and even celebrities are all great people to check out) for inspiration and see if you can take any cues from them. For example, some successful people swear by waking up every morning at 5 am (you can check out this book for more information on that) because the time in the morning allows them to build in space and habits to set themselves up for success. 

If 5 am seems too early, consider picking up daily language classes (apps such as Duo Lingo can be a great help) or a new exercise routine. Essentially, adding small changes into your life can make a world of change. By incorporating small habits and changes into your day, you can gradually see improvements, and this means you don’t have to overhaul your life to see changes. 

Follow your interests

For many, there’s no point pursuing a subject that they have no interest in or the ability for, just for the sake of progressing in life or business. If you want to be leveling up, choosing the path of least resistance can help the process feel a lot easier. So, take stock of your interests and passions. Have you always wanted to learn how to create truly exceptional online experiences? Then coding might be for you. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to own your own business? Then now could be the time to go on an entrepreneurial course. Or if you’re stuck in a creative rut, then you can expand your mind with languages or photography. 

Go pro 

You don’t have to always self-teach. Some people love to sit down for hours and teach themselves, while others (probably most people) could do with a helping hand. So, if it’s possible for you, online courses, degrees, and qualifications can be a truly excellent way to personally level up. Follow all the previous guidance and follow your interests - or at least something that will help you get along in your career - and enroll yourself in a course, you can find affordable online math courses that can help you grow your educational career and professional career.

Thanks to the tech of the modern age, many of these are accessible online, meaning you can do them from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to become a data scientist or you’re looking for a landscape design diploma, there are so many options out there to choose from.  

Just say yes 

Making one change - deciding to be open to opportunities and just saying yes - can make the biggest difference of all. So many people go through life saying no, holding themselves back and shutting themselves off from incredible experiences. By changing your mindset - becoming a yes man - you can level up your whole life. A new challenge at work? Hell yeah. A chance to move abroad? Totally. A networking event where you could meet new contacts? YES. This shift in mindset is invigorating and while it not only helps in leveling up your life, it’s infectious and makes everyone else want to join in, too. 

Cut out the negatives 

To really go about leveling up your life, as much as it’s about adding positives in, it’s also about taking out negatives. So, take a good hard look. Are there things you could do without? Maybe you’ve burnt the candle too much at both ends (working hard and playing harder), or maybe you can quit things that bring you stress and anxiety. You can step away from those things that drain you and stop you from fulfilling your potential. 

Incorporate health and fitness 

This isn’t a fitness post, but it’s important to note the correlation between active people and their level of output. By keeping fit and active physically, you can keep your brain sharp. Releasing endorphins each day leads to mood and productivity boosts. So while you’re busying leveling up your mind, factor in your body, too! Plus, staying healthier means you’re less likely to be hit by illnesses that could derail your carefully laid plans. 

Take care of your mind 

Mindfulness isn’t just a buzzword. It can help calm your thoughts, improve your overall mental health, and all of those come together to help you level up. It’s all about focusing on the moment, slowing your thoughts, and allowing moments of calm and peace. If the idea of mindfulness is too daunting to start on your own, you can download an app like Calm that will talk you through the process and help you with daily new mindfulness recordings to listen to and follow along with. 

Enjoy the process 

The act of self-improvement - leveling up - is a lifelong ambition for many, and it’s something to enjoy. It’s a huge privilege to be able to work on oneself, so, enjoy the process. Improvement can be challenging and downright hard at times, but it shows that you’re an ambitious, driven individual who is pushing to be better and do better. So, remind yourself every now and then to stop and smell the roses. Life’s a journey, you may as well enjoy it! 

Hopefully, this list has given you a few ideas for how you can level up your life in a few simple steps. Now, all that’s left to do is to get started! Enjoy… 

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