Rockwell Trading Review

Rockwell Trading Review

Rockwell Trading is a company that provides tools and education for those interested in trading options in the market. Founded by Markus Heitkoetter, a well-respected trader, the platform features the PowerX Optimizer to help traders find profits with “the wheel strategy.”

They also offer a variety of resources and tools, such as online courses, e-books, and webinars, to help people learn strategies and get the most out of their platform.

This Rockwell Trading Review will walk through the key features of the platform to help you make an informed decision.

Markus Heitkoetter

Markus Heitkoetter is a professional trader and the CEO of Rockwell Trading. He is also the author of several books on trading, including "The Complete Guide to Day Trading" and "The Simple Strategy."

Markus worked for IBM but decided to quit the day job to become a trader. He promotes himself as a regular guy, showing that anyone can find success with trading if they learn the right strategies and have the right tools.

"The Wheel" strategy

The breakthrough for Markus came when he realized you don’t have to swing for the fences to make a profit in trading. In fact, trying to double your money as fast as possible is exactly what he found did not work.

The next insight for Markus came when he realized that "90% of all options expire worthless."

That’s where "The Wheel" strategy comes in. The strategy involves using margin and selling put options. The key is in finding the right puts with high probabilities.

Markus found the need for a unique tool to find profitable stocks and so he created it.

PowerX Optimizer

The PowerX Optimizer is the main product of Rockwell Trading.

The program uses proprietary algorithms to search and filter stocks, narrowing them down to the best potential trades.

The program is built to trade the wheel strategy specifically, so it has everything you need for the wheel, but it won’t be optimized if you’re looking for other strategies.

It has customizable filters, so if you’re a beginner you can stick with the default settings, or if you’re an advanced trader, you can set it up to find what you’re looking for.

Another unique fact about the PowerX Optimizer is that it has a pending patent, so programs built on the same features can’t be created right now.

The program has an easy and painless sign-up process, which is described in this PowerX Optimizer Review.

Rockwell Trading Cost

The PowerX Optimizer comes with a one-time payment of $3,997. For that price, you get the full power of the program for life. It also includes a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Coaching Programs

The other primary feature of Rockwell Trading is its comprehensive coaching programs. The coaching gives you access to Markus himself, with training courses, group calls, accountability check-ins, trading logs, and more. They currently offer two coaching options:

Platinum: $12,000 for the 6-month program includes 54 group coaching calls and 18 group strategy calls, as well as the logs, courses, and training materials.

Diamond: a 12-month program that adds one-on-one calls with Markus, as well as trading log reviews.

Rockwell Trading Resources

Not only does the site offer the PowerX Optimizer to help you execute the wheel strategy, but it has a vast amount of resources on trading. You can find useful information whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced trader. The site features a learning center that includes intro guides on options, the wheel strategy, and trading psychology. They also have a regular podcast that covers daily stock market news, as well as in-depth trading strategies.

Additionally, the site offers a number of books, including a free eBook, or print books for purchase. The reviews on the educational resources show that people find Markus to be a great teacher, and that the information is both helpful and fun.

Rockwell Trading Review Conclusion: Is it Right for You?

Overall, Rockwell trading is for a specific type of day trader. The PowerX Optimizer and the wheel strategy are for serious traders looking for small and consistent profits. If you fit that profile, then it can be a great fit.

A benefit of the PowerX is that you only pay once for lifetime use, but that also means you need to be willing to dive into trading to take full advantage of it. The platform as a whole is great for beginners because of the wealth of educational resources. These can also be a good way to get started with trading before making the investment in a powerful tool like PowerX.

Finally, the coaching available through Rockwell is top-notch and unique in that you get direct access to a professional trader. At the high price, though, this is again only for those who are committed to trading for the long term.

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