What is Pokemon Go and How Can it be used for Business?

What is Pokemon Go and How Can it be used for Business_ - 315Pokémon GO is a game in its own, unique new category. The smartphone app game's player base huge, and it's played daily, by millions of users spanning across many demographics.

Most games require a player to focus all of their attention on their computer, mobile device, or console. Pokémon GO is different. It's a GPS-based game, demanding its users to move around in public to play. The game's system can, and has, proven to be useful for businesses due to this need to move around in public.

Why You Should Know Where the Nearest Pokémon GO Gym to Your Business Is

Pokémon Gyms are an important part of Pokémon GO's gameplay. Game players visit them regularly and frequent the businesses near gyms. Gyms are usually located near landmarks like parks but are sprouting up everywhere, including near businesses and heavily trafficked streets.  In short, gyms mean foot traffic.

Many business owners are taking advantage of Pokémon Gyms in the following ways:

  • Finding the nearest Gym and interacting directly with groups of players offering coupons
  • Setting up signs or posting ads near Pokémon Gyms to catch players' attention
  • Offering promotional sales to players

You Can Lure Customers With Lure Modules

Pokémon GO players all share one common goal — catching as many wild Pokémon as possible. You have the option within the game to buy Lure Modules to increase the Pokémon’s that appear near your business. Not only should your business consider doing this if you are trying to reach consumers, but you should also host events and let players know your business uses Lures!

If one thing is for certain, if players know your business is a hotspot for collecting Pokémon, they will come. Once they're in your doors, they're likely to spend money.  While the demographics favor teens and young adults, the game is garnering middle-aged and older adults participants.  Coffee shops, cafe’s, and hardware stores are businesses that can  get in on the action with Pokémon GO.

Paid Marketing Features in Development for Businesses

If these features aren't enough to garner interest in the game's marketing potential, there are paid features, like sponsorships, designed for businesses. The game developers and marketers see the game's growth and are planning to make the most of it.

Players of Pokémon GO are immersing themselves in the game, prompting them to travel. While the game might not interest you, it’s worth considering the business opportunities it presents for business-to-consumer companies.



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