Creating a Content Strategy Funnel for your Blog

Podcast Episode 5 - Creating a Content Strategy Funnel for your Website and Blog

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Image via Bleacher Report post

Image via Bleacher Report post

Simply having information about your company on your company website is not in itself a complete sales and marketing plan.  Companies need to have content on their site that meets the needs of different types of visitors, content that draws visitors in and that is maximized for easy social sharing; Content for those who have some interest; and Content for those that are interested and who you want to take the final steps to make a purchase from you.  This involves being strategic and having a plan to succeed!  [My example story on having a plan to succeed and working the plan was NBA newcomer Victor Oladipo.]

Within all of this strategy, one key remains…. the more traffic you can bring to your website, the more potential you have to increase your sales.

This episode dives into a practical overview of the three types of content needed to strategically setup a content funnel with your website and blog.

1. Socially Shareable Content of Value
2. Content that solves problems and converts to leads
3. Content that demonstrates value and closes the sale



halftime-blog-header- Mike Gingerich Content Strategy FunnelAbout Halftime Mike:

Halftime Mike podcasts are packed with no nonsense, practical tips for small and medium sized businesses. Success today demands making adjustments fast and fluidly. Just like a basketball team using halftime to evaluate the first half and set a game plan for the second half, business leaders can use this podcast to stop, reflect, and then take learning's to adjust and implement within their business!

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Part 2 – Mid-Funnel Problem Solving Content

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