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"Informative, action-oriented, visionary, inspiring"

These are some of the words that have been used to describe Mike as a speaker around the globe.

Mike's goal is always to deliver value to marketers and business owners, as well as faith-based organizations and non-profits, leaving audiences empowered and excited to consider next steps for themselves.

No matter what subject you need addressed, if it has to do with business, leadership, or marketing, Mike is able to craft a speech that matches what you’re looking for. Have a question for Mike? Just click here and let’s get the conversation started!

Need a Bio and Brand Kit? View the Mike Gingerich Brand Kit.

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Oh, and by the way, here are just a few of the additional services Mike provides during his speaking engagements:

  • Availability before, during and after event
  • Promotion of event to tens of thousands of social followers
  • In-person book signings
  • Small group workshops and training
  • Follow-up webinars
  • Business Consulting

What does Mike do?  Simple:  I break things down and build your needed plan to success.

Ideal Audience & Working with Me

Mike's audiences include:

  • Corporate Trainings for Marketing and Sales Divisions
  • Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Marketing Conferences
  • Associations and member organizations that support small businesses
  • Retail, Franchise, and Hospitality businesses wanting to use social media more effectively
  • Churches, Mission Organizations, Private Schools, and College Convocations

Business Growth Strategies:

The topics of Mike's presentations for business are focused around both the use of new media marketing (social media, content marketing) and related technologies (such as mobile apps), as well as their influences on the business environment and coming trends. Mike does a lot of speaking on social media marketing, cohesive online marketing, and ways to build a community and increase sales via online channels.

Mike also speaks on leadership, team building, startup processes, and life purpose.

Team Building / Team Experience Trips:

Take your team to the next level!  With consultation and team training, Mike can help your business/organization come together and perform at a higher level of communication, trust, meaning, and productivity.

Another opportunity is to let Mike help your business go on a "Team Experience Trip" where your team gets away together in a unique environment to learn together, step away from the day-to-day to learn new patterns and see their role(s) from a different and unique perspective resulting in actionable takeaways to implement and a new level of team cohesion.

Non-Profits / Ministries:

Mike's speaking for non-profits and faith-based organizations revolve around living a life of purpose that adds value, being community and mission minded, finding your purpose and calling, growing leadership skills, and the value of living and uncommon life.  See books authored on leadership and Living a Life of Impact.

Fitness, Training, Endurance Events:

Mike also speaks in the fitness arena, sharing his unique training plan for half-marathons (2 training runs a week), triathlons, and marathons, as well as a key focus on his story of overcoming early on-set rheumatoid arthritis through diet change, nutrition, and fitness.  Contact Mike to learn more and discuss!

Listen to Mike:

YouTube video

Startup, Business, & Marketing Experience

As the President of Web Agency, Digital Hill Multimedia, and partner in multiple multiple startups, and founder of Mike Gingerich Global, Mike understands the business and start-up mindset.

International Business Consulting

With over 10 years of international on-location consulting experience for small and medium-sized organizations in 25+ countries, Mike understands and can speak to all sorts of needs.

Mike speaks the language of business. Mike understands the challenges – what it is like to meet budgets, to go out and get customers, and to keep them.

Those who hear Mike and follow his blog value his skill for simplifying technology and social business ideas to make them practical and useful.

You can view Mike's complete bio at the About tab of this site..

Working with Mikemike speak

You will find Mike is easy to work with, thorough in my pre and post-speaking work, and willing to do more than most speakers for the same fee.

Contact Mike

For more information on hiring Mike to speak to your organization use the contact form here.

Mike Gingerich Bio

For use in press and conference speaking outlines:

Mike is President of Digital Hill Multimedia, a web development & marketing agency, and the co-founder of TabSite.com, a leading Facebook Page app service for contests and lead capture. He is a noted Facebook Marketing speaker, as well as a blogger for Social Media Examiner. Mike's passion is to see businesses and people grow into their highest potential. Mike has the unique ability to dive deep quickly, understanding businesses, social networks and trends, and integrating strategies for success. Mike has 10+ years experience in Internet Marketing, a Master's in Organizational Development and Leadership, significant international experience from over 25+ countries and a proven track record of providing innovative strategy consulting for businesses.

Mike hosts a regular podcast at HalftimeMike.com.  He lives with his family in the eastern part of the US in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and loves to compete in half marathons and triathlons!

You can find Mike on the web at www.MikeGingerich.com and on Facebook at Facebook.com/MikeGdigital.  Hire Mike to speak today!

Coming & Past Events Mike has spoken at:

2021 Speaker and Panel Host at Social Media Week Lima, Lima, OH
2019 (June) The New SEO Social Media Camp –Social Media Week Lima, Lima, OH
2019 (April) Social Media Camp Canada's largest Social Media conference – Victoria, BC, Canada
2018 Social Media Week Lima, Growth Frameworks for your Small Business, Lima, OH, June 21
2018 US Indoor Sports Assoc. Conference, Growing Leads for your Facility with Social Media, Indianapolis, IN May
2018 ROI 2018 Conference, Keynote on Growing Leading for your Law Practice, Clearwater Beach, FL May
2017 Keynote Session on Instagram at Social Media Week Lima, Lima, OH - June
2017 Presentation on Advanced Facebook & Instagram Marketing, The Candy Factory, Lancaster, PA December
2017 Workshop on Social Media Leads for Business at the Candy Factory, Lancaster, PA November
2016 Keynote at Social Media Week Lima - June 22-23
2016 Elevate Your Online Marketing: Using Facebook & Your Website to Increase Traffic & Leads - May 18th
2016 Workshop - Getting Started with Social for your Business - Rochester, IN with FCEDC
2016 Web Trends for Success Today - Elkhart Chamber Event, Elkhart, IN
2016 SCORE Workshop for Small Business on Using Social Media to Market - Goshen, IN
2015 (May) The New SEO Social Media Camp – Victoria, BC, Canada

Additional countries Mike has spoken in:  Germany, Switzerland, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, & the Philippines

Books by Mike Gingerich

Making the Miles Count


Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation


Add Value. Be Uncommon. 30 Day Leadership Bootcamp



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