Add Value | Be Uncommon Bracelet – Adult Regular Size


The Add Value | Be Uncommon bracelet supports Mike’s non-profit entity, iGive Global.  The bracelet intent is to help you remind yourself daily of your ability to impact your world!


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The “Add Value | Be Uncommon” rubber bracelet is a great way to support Mike’s non-profit, iGive Global, and remind yourself to impact your world.

Show the world and keep in front of yourself the aim to add value to the world around you, and to be fully and uniquely you!  To be “uncommon” is to choose to live above the mediocrity of the masses and to instead seek creative, unique, and uncommon ways to stand out and make a difference.

These bracelets are inspired by the vision of Mike Gingerich, and represent his personal life vision and the undergirding mission.  Each of us has the capacity to add value and serve if we approach our daily life with this mentality!

Each bracelet is purple, has the slogan, and the iGive Global website on it.

Available in a smaller wrist size and regular size.

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Weight.4 oz
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in