Making the Miles Count - Living Beyond the Daily Grind

Do you find yourself stuck at times?  

Feeling like the days are a grind and you’re simply putting in the time from one day to the next?

I believe we all can identify.  I know I can.

Making the Miles Count

The key is if we respond.  That’s what Making the Miles Count is about….how we can respond and make the days count.

Step out of the daily grind for 20 minutes a day for 21 days, and be inspired and equipped to live at the highest level and fulfill your true potential!

Who is Making the Miles Count for?

Written for those with a hunger for more.  For those with a restlessness and a fire inside to make a difference in the world.

To the dreamers, the creatives, those who think “outside the box,” and to those who want more than the “daily grind.”  This is for you! 

The book is based on my 2 life core values:  

  • Add value
  • Be uncommon

You’ll hear more about these within the material but, in short, you’ll live a life beyond the daily grind if you are focused on these 2 things.  

Adding value is a life that gives, and being uncommon is choosing to operate differently than the masses do.  It’s critical to a richer life. A life that is richer in relationships, influence, and positive impact.

This book is divided into three sections: Inner, Upper, and Outer. The “Inner” section focuses on your identity and self understanding. “Upper” helps you reflect on your purpose for being here on earth, and “Outer” digs into how you interact with others and the world.

The discipline of taking notes, writing out your reflections, and doing the challenges will help the material impact your life.  This is not merely for head knowledge but for life change.

Making the Miles Count

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View a Sample of Making the Miles Count

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 It’s not about each one of us being self-sufficient, that’s not the point of my story.  Our Father God is our ultimate provider and caretaker. God wants us to be responsible and also live a faith-filled life at the same time, and as we live this out he will take care of our needs.

 Sometimes this doesn’t feel good or look as we want it to.  It can feel scary, risky, even irresponsible at times. This life is not about accumulating things or storing up a big bank account.  It’s about being faithful, living for God, adding value to the lives of others, and living in dependence on him. Our life on earth is temporary.  As followers of Jesus, our life is never-ending.

Read the full Day 10 >


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