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Leadership Devotional by Mike Gingerich, Add Value. Be Uncommon.

Leadership is really about adding value.

As Christian leaders we need to be continually growing and improving our leadership skills to be effective. Beyond that, we need to be on mission and contributing to the lives of those we lead. By doing so we add value to them, to the organizations we lead, and we can impact the world as Christ intends us to, together.

Add Value. Be Uncommon.

This 30 day leadership devotional is a guide to help encourage, challenge, and equip leaders and aspiring leaders. Aimed at being practically and giving you biblical wisdom connected to daily business life, it's a guide born from my journey in leadership over the past 25+ years.

Busy leaders can take 10 minutes, one time a day for 30 days, and be equipped with wisdom and insight to lead at a higher level.

Who should use this devotional?

Written for leaders and aspiring leaders in the marketplace, this devotional is practical. You will come away with insights to help you lead at a higher level immediately.

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Foreword thoughts by Phil Mershon

Every man wants to make a mark on this earth. God wired us that way. Whether through business, family, church or our community involvement, we desire to make a difference.

As Christian men we want our lives to count for eternity--to make an eternal difference.

My friend, Mike Gingerich, crafted this devotional to help men like you and me bring together these God-given desires to be world changers and glory-givers. He does it through simple reflections on leadership principles found in scripture.

Take time to reflect on each of these devotionals and ask God to change the way you think and live. Some of the principles may seem familiar or even simple, but the application is where the fruit comes from. Perhaps you'll want to find another man to join you on a 30-day leadership pilgrimage?

I look forward to seeing your uncommon contributions to our world.

For His Glory,

Phil Mershon, M.Div.
Founder, ManinthePew.com
Director of Events, Social Media Examiner

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Introductory thoughts by Pastor Mike Silliman

I’ve had the privilege of watching Mike lead in various contexts – in his vocation, in his ministries within the local church, and in his family. One of the things that I have observed in him is that no matter the context he is leading in, he brings the qualities of adding value and being uncommon into every area of his leadership.

Adding value and being uncommon are two qualities that will set you apart in the marketplace. These same qualities are at the foundation of our Christian faith. Every Christ follower is called to “add value” to others and to “be common” in our world just as Jesus did. Drawing from the timeless principles and truth from God’s Word, Mike has written this 30-day devotional journey that will challenge you and encourage you to be the best version of yourself both at work and at home.

Change begins with small choices. Mother Theresa said, “small things done with great love will change the world.” As you read this devotional over the next 30 days, make a simple choice to be uncommon and to add value to every person you meet. You just might see the world change in front of you, one person at a time. It starts with you and it starts with me.

Because of Jesus,

Mike Silliman
Pastor, Grace Community Church

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