Half Marathon Training Program 2 Runs a Week

This half marathon training program is a radical yet sound method for busy people to accomplish running a half marathon with just 2 runs a week!

Is it possible to train for and run a ½ marathon when only doing 2 training runs a week?

Isn’t that craziness?   Can it really work?

YES!  It is possible to complete a half marathon without killing your body or spending loads of time on training runs!

YES! It is possible to be fit, prepared, and ready to run a half marathon in 12 weeks, just 90 days, doing just 2 training runs a week! In fact, in this half marathon training program you will not run over 10 miles at any time and you will be race ready to run 13.1 miles successfully and with less wear and tear on your body on race day!

The secret is 3 key ingredients:

  1. Longer runs at your Half Marathon Target Heart Rate (HMTHR) during training.
  2. Speedwork to toughen you up for the late miles of a ½ marathon, largely through intervals.
  3. Lots of HIIT cross-training workouts in-between runs.

Together, this combination saves you time, prepares your whole body, lessens wear and tear, and fits a busy lifestyle.

The book covers the science and strategy behind the training and gives you a complete guide including how to determine your half marathon target heart rate, HIIT workout options, and a weekly planner for the entire 12 weeks so that you have everything needed to train for and complete a half marathon successfully on 2 training runs a week.

By race day you will be in great condition and your overall body will be stronger and able to absorb the miles!

Available on Amazon.com in print with Prime shipping and Kindle ebook version.

If you have struggled with lack of time to invest and/or injuries from running too much and too long, this program is for you!  Note, this is not a couch to half training program.  You need to have a base fitness level of being able to run a 5K.

Learn more and view the contents on Amazon!

View paperback on Amazon.com and access Kindle ebook version.

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