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Take your Facebook Marketing to the next level!

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Advance your Facebook marketing expertise,

let me guide you to the next level!

Are you a marketing professional that uses Facebook for clients? Are your clients constantly pushing you for more results?

Are you a business owner that uses Facebook on a consistent basis in your marketing strategy? Are you seeing some results, but want more?

Don't have the time or the financial or mental bandwidth for trial and error on your Facebook campaigns.

That's where "Your Game Plan for Facebook Marketing" comes in.

Geared for the marketing professional who wants to enhance their skills and tactics with Facebook Marketing.

It's "ON DEMAND" delivery with 4 videos delivered over 2 weeks that you can watch whenever convenient. Each session is a jammed packed 60 minutes of instruction with practical "doable" methods for gathering the analytics and statistics you'll need and the strategies you'll use to send your Facebook marketing through the roof!

BONUSES:  Each attendee has access to a MEMBERS ONLY private Facebook Group and receives my ebook "Game Plan for Facebook Marketing" FREE!

Here's the details on each of the 4 sessions and the keys covered in each....

Session 1: Posting Strategy

  • Timing - When are your fans on Facebook? When should you be publishing posts for the most reach? Get the answers!
  • Attraction Posts - Photos, Videos, Links, Text Types - What are they and how do you use them to get the most views?
  • Sales Funnel Model for Online Marketing.  Get your online marketing in sync and cohesive! - Create a strategy now!
  • Lead Capture Posts - Successful lead capture post examples you can adapt for any business.
  • Offer Posts - What is an offer post and when should you use it?

Each video session is 60 minutes.

I want it Facebook Game Plan Course

vivica von rosen
Viveka von Rosen
LinkedIn Expert & Author: LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day

I am honored to call Mike Gingerich a friend. Not only is he one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, but he is also incredibly savvy and smart when it comes to social sales and marketing - and Facebook in particular. I have had the privilege of being a guest on his podcast (check it out!) and have learned a lot from him over the years!


Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu
CTO, Blitzmetrics
Mike takes complex topics and breaks them down step-by-step so that the small business owner can find success. He is one of the most effective, hands-on, Facebook marketers I know.




Session 2: How & When to Use Ads: Ad Spend mix, Local Ads and Demographic targeting Ads

  • The Buying Breakdown - What percent of your audience is ready to BUY NOW?
  • The Educational Model - How to build rapport and add value for your fans by educating them.
  • Ad Methods - Covering multiple option including Opt-in offers with email capture and blog posts.
  • The Digital Funnel - Here's your ad strategy and what do you need to do to implement it.
  • Ad Specialties: Audiences - Narrow your audience using Facebook's amazing demographics and get buyers now!
  • Ad Secrets - Shhh, they're so awesome and top secret that we can't tell you here ... you'll just have to buy the course to find out!

Each video session is 60 minutes.

Facebook Game Plan Course

tyler anderson
Tyler Anderson
Casual Fridays

Mike Gingerich is one of the brilliant minds when it comes to digital marketing. His knowledge on Facebook Marketing is second to none. He's a valuable resource as he's always up-to-date with the latest on Facebook and delivers valuable information that is actionable for any business or entrepreneur.

sue b zimmerman
Sue B. Zimmerman #TheInstagramExpert

I've been with Mike at several events including a live Mastermind and several speaking events where we both took the stage. When it comes to Facebook Marketing, Mike knows his stuff and gives a great presentation! Mike is a great podcast host and really cares about giving value every time he teaches.  Mike is fun, clear, and practical!

Session 3: Integrating your Marketing: Web Content & Email Nurture Campaigns with Facebook

  • Triple Value of Web Content - Website content is meant to be shared and used, find out how.
  • Email Opt-in Types - Is getting people to sign up for your newsletter is hard? Not anymore!
  • Lead Capture Posts - Keep it simple, silly! Short, sweet and to the point. Don't waste your time or effort over writing posts.
  • Nurture Automation Keys and Tactics - How do you create a nurture automation series for your email opt-in?

Each video session is 60 minutes.

Register Facebook Game Plan Course

Donna Gilliland
Donna Gilliland
MOS Training

Mike knows Facebook! It's even more than that. He is a masterful marketer. If you want to learn Facebook Marketing, Mike is an excellent choice.

melonie dodaro
Melonie Dodaro
Social Media Speaker | LinkedIn Expert

Mike Gingerich is a brilliant mind when it comes to online marketing. His Facebook Marketing knowledge is top-notch. He stays current with the latest trends and changes and delivers in a style that marketers can easily relate to and learn from. I can highly recommend Mike!

Session 4: Bonus Session on Growing Web Traffic with Facebook & Social Media

  • Social Media as a Traffic Driver - Holy moly! Social media will drive you all the way to the bank!
  • What Social Networks? - Find out where you should be focusing your social media efforts.
  • Methods for Sharing Routines - Need a plan? I've outlined it for you!
  • Tools for Efficiency - Try these 3 tools to streamline your social media posting.

Each video session is 60 minutes.


A Private Facebook Group

You're not left alone at all!  Join our community where Mike answers questions!

facebook group

Now you'll have a place to ask specific questions about your Facebook marketing and network with others! As you go through the modules, you can ask questions, get answers and learn the latest techniques. And you will have lifetime access to this group!

Can you believe you get all this for only $147?

Incredible, right?

web-page-game-planBONUS #2:
You'll also get the Game Plan for Facebook eBook...over 25 pages of strategy and tactics boiled down into one simple book you can use as your road map.... your GAME PLAN!

Enrollment is OPEN and ONGOING.

Watch the videos at your convenience!

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Facebook Game Plan Course


Course + Private FB Group
Regular Price: $147
All 3 Sessions + Bonus + Private Group
4 Online Sessions
Private Course-Only Facebook Group
Game Plan for Facebook FREE eBook
Tactical advice for next steps!

Terms & Privacy:

Your privacy is important.  Your email address is not shared or used in any fashion other than to communicate to you by me.  
30 day money back guarantee.  If not completely satisfied within 30 days after purchase, you can request a full 100% refund. Keeping it simple and making sure you know I’m ready to deliver you real value!

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