Capture More Leads with Your Website

How to Capture Leads on Your Website


The most important job your website has is to gather leads.

Is your website failing?

Learn how to convert your website visitors into website leads.

Download the free eBook "How to Capture Leads on Your Website" now.

Mike has written this eBook just for people like you that just need to tweak a few things to have their website lead generation humming.

What methods do you need to have in place to capture more leads with your website? In this free ebook I provide that roadmap for you!

In order to capture more leads, a site needs to have a number of things in place that attract attention, retain visitors, make it easy to access, and provides exceptional value.   Capturing more leads is both art and science really.  In the ebook I dive into the details and provide a roadmap that can help you do just this.

Key mistakes will be outlined and special tips provided.  Did you know that simply having a "contact us" form on your site is not enough?  You need to consider placement of call-outs, styles of special call-outs, and the content that you are providing as well as the form style.  Did you know that forms requiring a phone number of address get completed less often than forms with just a name and email address required?  Plus, an incentive to fill out the form helps improve conversions and what that incentive is can be very important as to whether the form is actually completed or not.

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