Business & Life Coaching

Is your business looking for guidance and perspective on:

  • acquisitions
  • marketing
  • productivity
  • profit increases and expense decreases
  • hiring, team building and culture

Mike Gingerich has extensive background in business development as well as a master's degree in Organizational Development and Leadership.  From launching a successful startup to refining existing business systems to maximizing profits and creating culture, Mike has done it.

If you are:

  • stuck
  • stressed
  • overworked
  • believing there is a better way but not sure how to get there
  • tired of turnover
  • wanting something more from your business and life

Then we should talk!

It's not about more hustle, it's about taking bold risks and making key changes to create the life and business you love!

On the personal side, if you are dealing with:

  • stress
  • high levels of frustration
  • relationship turmoil
  • a sense that big changes are needed
  • wanting more purpose and passion in your life and work

Then we should talk!

Mike doesn't follow a strict program or 10 steps because each of us is unique!  We need someone to listen, understand us, understand our past, present and preferred future, and then get the help to craft the unique plan to move into that new future to make it a reality!

Mike understands business, and Mike understands cultures.  He is able to bring both together to offer value in your local context.  Whether your needs are a week of training like Mike has done in Bienenberg, Switzerland, or destination team retreats, Mike is available for speaking, before and after events, coaching leadership teams, and more.

Countries where Mike has consulted include:

Americas:  Mexico, Canada, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Ecuador

Europe: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, Malta, Spain, Russia

Asia & Middle East: Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Iraq

Africa: Morocco, Kenya, Ethiopia

Discuss with Mike

Contact Mike today to begin conversations about having Mike come and spend time with your business.


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