Why Your SEO Agency Should Get Fiber Optic Internet


Your SEO Agency should consider getting fiber optic internet. Whether you are going to be operating from your home or setting up your business in a local office, starting your own SEO or digital marketing agency requires you to be connected all the time. Because of this, choosing the right type of internet and the right internet provider for your business is one of the biggest and most important decisions that you’ll face during the set-up stage. 

Without the right internet, your business could be at risk of not being able to communicate with clients or to execute important tasks on their behalf. You need peace of mind that you are always going to be connected and that any connectivity or speed problems are kept to a minimum. While every type of internet and provider can have their problems from time to time, some are more reliable than others. 

Here are some of the main reasons why fiber optic internet is worth considering if you’re starting an SEO or digital marketing agency. 

Available for Homes and Businesses

Whether you are working out of a home office or a traditional office, you can find both residential and business plans available for fiber optic internet. Search for internet service providers near me to find options like Gateway Fiber offering fast, reliable home and business internet connections. If you are going to be working from home and fiber is available in your area, then it is worth signing up to the business plan for additional peace of mind. Residential and business internet plans often have differing features, and by choosing the business plan you can often get access to additional protections to keep your business up and running all the time. 

Fast Speeds

These days, every business needs SEO and digital marketing services, therefore there is the potential that your business might grow very quickly. Because of this, you need to accommodate for any additional staff that you might take on in the future and the kind of work that they are going to be doing. Along with completing SEO and digital marketing tasks for your clients, you will need to think about things like video conferences, for example, that can take up a lot of bandwidth. With fiber internet, you can get access to the best upload and download speeds, allowing you and your employees to save time and work more efficiently, getting better results for your clients. 

More Reliable

Fiber internet tends to be much more reliable compared to other options that might be available to you such as DSL or fiber internet. One of the main reasons why it’s reliable is the type of physical infrastructure that is used. Unlike other internet connection options, fiber does not go through the phone lines – so even if there is damage to the phone lines in your area, it’s unlikely that the fiber optic cables that are buried deep underground are going to be affected, allowing your business to stay online. In addition to this, there is no throttling at peak times, which is unfortunately often the case with other types of internet. As a result, you can enjoy high speeds and high reliability at any time of day, allowing you and your team to work more efficiently and get great results for your clients faster. 

Growing Availability

Although it’s not available everywhere just yet, Orange fiber optic internet is being rolled out to more and more areas of the country with goals to become available everywhere in the near future. So, even if you can’t get fiber for your SEO and digital marketing business just yet, it’s definitely something that is worth watching out for in the future.

If you are starting an SEO or digital marketing agency, then making sure that you have a fast and reliable internet connection is key to working efficiently and getting the best results for your clients. 

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