Top 5 Best Lines of Casio Watches

The Japanese manufacturer, Casio mainly produces watch models with quartz details. The range includes models with analog dials, electronic displays, as well as hybrid versions. To help you choose the best watch for your need, the best lines of Casio's wristwatches are below:

Casio G-Shock

Top 5 Best Lines of Casio Watches

The legend of the Japanese watch industry is the G-Shock. It was with the G-Shock, presented in 1983, began the triumphant ascent of Casio as a watch brand. All watches in the G-Shock line obey the rule of "three ten." This means they can withstand a fall from a height of 10 meters, do not suffer from the pressure of 10 bar. Plus. the battery lasts 10 years. The best models of the series even surpass these figures!

You can choose the best casio watches here.

Casio Baby-G

Casio Baby-G

The Baby-G series includes watches specifically for women and teenagers. It's almost the same reliable G-Shock, but with more different color options and smaller case sizes. The series includes both electronic models in lightweight plastic cases and variants in classic design and metal cases - in short, for businesswoman. The Sheen model is the epitome of elegance, classic graceful style, and famous Japanese quality. The Sheen collection includes models with only analog dials.

Casio Pro Trek

Pro Trek watch

If G-Shock is first and foremost about unmatched reliability and unpretentiousness, ProTrek is about functionality. This is a great watch for sports and tourism. In addition to basic options like a calendar, timer, stopwatch, and alarms, there is an altimeter, compass, thermometer. Another plus is the solar charging capabilities.

Casio Edifice


Casio Edifice's ethos is high speed, as it is positioned as a motorsports watch. The elegant design of this watch allows it to combine perfectly with all kinds of clothes, from business to sports. The sports component includes a tachymeter on the bezel and several additional small dials with timers and stopwatches. Some models support precise time adjustment by radio signal.


This series includes classic electronic watches of the very first Casio models design. It is a nostalgic memory aimed at connoisseurs of aesthetics of the 70s and 80s. Perhaps these watches will seem terribly old-fashioned to our contemporaries, but many people still love them.

Casio has watches for any purpose: from diving to daily wear. Android Wear models have also recently appeared, as full-fledged smartwatches with excellent features. They are available in the Edifice, ProTrek, and G-Shock series.

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