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Are you planning on taking your digital transformation to the next level? Perhaps even do away with some of your physical offices and embrace remote work? It’s what future-first businesses and organizations are doing – with massive benefits.

For instance, according to Find Stack, 18% of workers now work from home, and 16% of US companies have gone fully remote. Recent research by Global Workforce Analytics shows that it allows employers to save $11,000 per employee per year, on average, while boosting workforce productivity and employee retention.

The best part is that you no longer have to worry about personally setting up online working spaces for telecommuting workers. Alliance Virtual Offices has everything you need, including virtual offices and administrative tools, such as office phone numbers and collaboration spaces, for when meeting in person is actually needed.

What is Alliance Virtual Offices?

Alliance Virtual Offices is an online office solutions provider. The company provides business owners, individual contractors, and freelancers with virtual offices and all relevant equipment so you can work as comfortably as in a physical office.

It is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs working from home or remotely who desire a professional office setting and company address for their business. A virtual office solution lets you enjoy all the perks of a physical business address, including an office address, telephone number, and communication and administrative services, such as access to meeting rooms – without owning a physical office.

Virtual Office Benefits

Perhaps you’re wondering why you should pay for a virtual office when you can telecommute from the “comfort” of your sofa. A virtual office can make all the difference;

  • It gives you a professional presence
  • You get a business address in a reputable zip code
  • A business address ensures your personal address privacy
  • Enjoy state of the art meeting facilities when needed
  • A business phone number to route your incoming calls efficiently and professionally
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Lower operating costs
  • A receptionist for less than normal staffing costs

Alliance Virtual Offices Key Features

Alliance Virtual Offices offers several turnkey solutions that can instantly transform your business and corporate fortunes. These include;

  • A virtual office: A virtual office lends credibility and authenticity to your business, so you don’t lose the trust and respect of corporate clients and other stakeholders.
  • Live receptionist: Does your business constantly get calls from customers and other stakeholders? Live receptionist services allow you to fully engage your callers without traditional distractions.
  • Virtual phone: Alliance clients can get a business phone number, so you can separate your personal life from business transactions.
  • Meeting rooms: When the time comes for corporate and staff meetings, the company provides private and highly professional meeting rooms with all the necessary equipment.
  • Coworking environment: Alliance's serene coworking environments and advanced collaboration tools guarantee increased worker productivity and business outcomes.
  • Others: Besides the above, the company offers call forwarding services, handles post and parcels through a virtual office reception service, and facilitates client communication for stronger customer relationships.

Why Alliance Virtual Offices?

You’ve likely come across several other virtual office solutions. Alliance Virtual Offices is different for the following reasons;

  • It has 1,200+ top global locations
  • It has 4,000+ global meeting rooms
  • It offers easy mail management
  • It offers hourly or daily office rental
  • Clients enjoy personalized call answering services

Ready To Go Virtual?

Team up with Alliance Virtual Offices today and save tens to hundreds of thousands in commercial office space costs yearly while reducing overhead and lowering operating costs. The company has open spots in all the top cities, from New York, NY, on the east coast to Los Angeles, CA, on the west.

If you're wondering, prices start from as little as $49/month in Miami, Fl, and $50/month in Las Vegas, NV, depending on your needs. Contact Alliance Virtual Offices today to discuss your options.

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