Tips and Hacks on How to Improve Instagram Marketing and Increase Followers

Tips and Hacks on How to Improve Instagram Marketing and Increase Followers

Maybe it’s sad news for some entrepreneurs, but the era of brick-and-mortar stores is gone. Today, online shopping took over our world. People quickly realized that making purchases from the comfort of their homes is even better than spending hours wandering in shopping malls.

For this reason, many businesses had to learn how to improve their social media marketing to boost their online presence and increase sales. One of the best places for this appeared to be Instagram. Indeed, the competitiveness on this platform is huge but so is brand visibility if you do everything right. In this post, we will share all the secrets of effective IG marketing as well as how to increase your follower base.

Hacks to improve your Instagram marketing

Marketing is never possible without proper strategies, either offline or online. So when you are deciding to discover new boundaries for your business, you need to make sure that you did everything in your power. There is no such thing as trifles when it comes to IG marketing.

If you are only starting out and not sure that you can achieve the desired result in a short timeframe, there is a strategy that will never let you down. For a smooth start, buying 50 Instagram followers is the best thing you can ever buy for your business to go on IG successfully.

Now let’s see what you can do to start growing on one of the most amazing platforms of our time.

Create attractive visuals

It’s not a secret that Instagram is all about visuals. Stories, photos, reels – all of these are the reasons why people spend more than 2 hours on the app. But it is not enough just to have visual content on your page – it must be eye-appealing. No matter what products you sell (cosmetics or car tires), your page must be full of beautiful photos. Sometimes you visit some account and wonder how they get so many likes, but the answer is simple – they have attractive visuals.

Your task is to showcase your products or services in the best light possible and make people think that they cannot live without purchasing them. And what can be better than a high-quality and aesthetic photo of a product?

Make Stories

Of course, you are a business owner. Your task is, first of all, to market your items or services and sell them effectively. But it’s not only about selling stuff. People are really demanding these days. They come to IG to see something fresh and interesting. So your third task (but the least one) is to entertain them a bit! Instagram Stories is a perfect tool to keep your audience engaged and improve your Instagram marketing.

Ask them questions, create interactives, and share short and sweet videos in your Stories, and you will see your followers coming back for more!

Work with influencers

Have you ever seen brands collaborating with famous IG bloggers? You definitely did. Influencers (if they are really popular and admired by the masses) are the best advertisers ever possible. People love them and trust their choices. That’s why the chances that their followers will buy the properly advertised products are huge.

However, again, it’s a question of your budget. You may want to work with top influencers with millions of followers, but their fees can reach thousands of dollars. If you are not ready to spend that much, you may start working with medium-sized accounts.

Here are some really successful cases for you to understand that this strategy really works:

  • Zoë Sugg and SKY.
  • PewDiePie and Honor.
  •  Zach King and Subaru.
  • Khaby Lame and Hugo Boss.
  • Kim Kardashian and literally any brand she collaborates with.

Increasing your followers

Applying strong marketing strategies is one thing. And growing your followers is another. You may have the best page on IG, but without followers, you won’t see the desired effect.

So as soon as you make sure that you have improved your Instagram marketing, you need to take measures for growing your following base. Here are the points that may help you greatly.

Find the right hashtags

Hashtags are indeed the key to success and an important part of your SEO. These are words or phrases that help users to find your page or post. You need to use them everywhere you can: in feed posts, stories, and even your bio. This way, it will be easier for your target audience to find your profile and stay with you if they like your content.

Host a contest or giveaway

This is an extremely popular strategy used by brands and bloggers. Hosting giveaways serve two main important purposes:

  • Market your goods when you give them away as your prize.
  • Enhances your follower base.
  • Increases the visibility of your brand on Instagram.

However, you need to be very careful with this one. First of all, make sure you have done everything in an honest way. If you run a contest, you must provide the winner (or winners) with a prize. For this, you just need to allocate some budget since you may need to host several contests.

Secondly, you need to specify the conditions. They must be specific and help your profile grow. For example, your condition may be to follow your page and like 5 or 10 posts. This way, you will kill two birds with one stone, growing your engagement.

Apply filters

This tip applies more to the advice that concerns Stories. In general, photo filters are not that popular these days since hashtag #nofilter took over influencers’ feeds. But for stories, choosing some aesthetic filters is a good idea.

First of all, you can enhance the colors of your photos and videos. People really enjoy looking at something bright as it improves their mood. Secondly, it makes your content generally more interesting. With beautiful Stories, you will attract more followers and therefore, potential customers.

Cross-promote on other platforms

Finally, one more great way to increase your follower base is to promote your Instagram through other platforms or media. Of course, you should first promote your profile on your brand website.

Secondly, you definitely have other social accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. You may set up your posts in such a way that they are automatically published on this media as well.


Growing your business online is never easy, but it is totally worth it. The times have changed, and new challenges require modern measures. Keep up with the latest trends and apply the strategies above to improve Instagram marketing. Soon, you will see your marketing plan working!

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