Tiered Link Building - A Complete Guide

tiered link building a complete guide

What is an effective and cheap link-building strategy in the SEO world? There are no doubts that you will think about link building. But what about the promotion of your backlinks? It’s time to use the well-known tactic as tiered links. How to implement tiered link building in 2021? You will get the best tips about this strategy next.

What Are Tiered Links?

Tiered links are those links that link to sites that have previously linked to your site. That is, for example, on one of the sites there is a link X (tier 1 backlinks) with a mention of your site. You create link Y (tier 2 links), which will not link to your site, but link to X. Then you create a link Z (tier 3 links), which will link to Y.

It is very similar to a pyramid with a link to your site (backlink) at the head, and all subsequent links will be chain links. That is, it will look like this:


In the example above, second-level links are Y links that benefit more than another link to your site on a low-authority site. Links of this level allow you to "reboot" links of the first level, that is, X.

The key advantage of such links is that they are safe link-building services since you are not linking to your site but to the partner's site where there is a mention of your site. If we talk about third-level links, they will support the second-level links. As a result, second and third-level links will support your backlink and promote it. This will positively result in your backlink profile due to the rating of the main backlink.

When Should You Use Tier 2 and Tier 3 Links?

It is recommended to use such links to promote all first-level links. However, it is important to understand that not all Tier 1 links can be useful for your site and an effective backlink strategy. Here are a few things you should be aware of when choosing a Tier 1 link to promote:

  • Authority of the site. The more links the site has, the better. Conduct a comparative analysis, such a site should have a higher authority than your site. Otherwise, promoting such a link using TIER 2 and TIER 3 may be ineffective.
  • There should be no links to direct competitors of the sites that you will use to place multi-level links(Tier 2 and Tier 3).
  • The topic of the site mentioning your website and the platform that you will use for multi-level links should have similar topics. This will allow you to get the maximum effect from such a promotion.
  • The link on the page must not contain a no-follow tag.

If you have a match for all these parameters, then such links are a priority and their promotion will be effective. If you do not have such links, then you should use a different approach, which you will learn about below.

What To Do If There Is No Quality Tier 1?

If you didn’t find the links that correspond to the above parameters, then you need to perform the following algorithm. It takes time but will allow you to find a link that matches all parameters.

  1. Put all TIER 1 links under control. These can be guest posts on authoritative sites, which is the best option for getting high-quality TIER 1 for promotion with links. You can use cheap backlinks from Indian sites as TIER 1 links.
  2. For 1-3 months, regularly check the position of the link in the search results based on 2-3 key queries.
  3. The checking frequency should be 2-3 times a week.

If with the help of these algorithms you notice the positive dynamics of the link, then you can safely start promoting it. However, if you notice an unstable situation that abruptly changes from positive to negative, it is worth taking the time to continue the observation for up to 3 months. Haste in this matter can lead to the fact that you spend your budget on promotion but not get a positive result.

Where to Get Tier 2 and Tier 3 Links?

The methods of obtaining links remain the same as for the first level of links in tiered link building. Here are some of the best ways you are welcome to follow.

Guest Posts

If it is recommended to use high-quality sites with a high level of authority for building Tier 1 links, then for level 2 and 3 links you can get easy guest posts from partner sites. Hence, the difference between sites should not be huge in the context of authority. But also don't forget about the main criteria for successful guest posting, namely niche relevance.

Crowd Marketing

This method can still drive results if you follow a safe approach with your tiered link building. For example, you can create a question on Quora and then provide a high-quality answer with a link that will organically fit into the content and benefit the reader. But use another account for this purpose.

You can also use existing questions and provide answers to them in this way. The main thing is to understand that you need to benefit the user, and not make an advertisement that looks like spam.

Social media

Create social media posts to promote your first-level link. For example, you can use Facebook, Instagram, and even influencer pages. That is, it is suitable to use not only your profiles for promotion but other SMM opportunities.

How to track tiered links?

This is a complicated process, and it is much easier to use special tools that allow you to track your backlinks without having to manually check. One such tool is HyperChecker, which allows you to add for monitoring the list of tier 1,2,3, and tier 4 backlinks in just a few clicks.


Wrapping Up

It’s time to reboot your link-building strategy and start to promote your site with the help of a smarter backlink promotion tactic such as tiered link building. Use these tips to create a tiered link-building strategy and strengthen your search engine positions step by step.

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