The Future Of Advertising: Trends Every Digital Marketing Agency Is Watching

The Future Of Advertising: Trends Every Digital Marketing Agency Is Watching

While many advertising trends and principles have remained the same through the years, the tools marketers use to achieve success have greatly evolved over time. To thrive in the fast-paced marketing industry—and maintain a sense of relevance to your audience—it's critical to keep ahead of these trends no matter your experience level.

Whether you're an established digital marketing agency or a freelancer getting started, you'll want to avoid potholes and know the shortcuts to success. That said, here are some of the best trends that can help you in establishing winning advertising strategies:

  • Influencer marketing

You can’t easily underestimate the power of insider advice when it comes to advertising. But how do you leverage this in digital marketing to make your strategy effective and personalized? The answer is simple—with the help of influencers.

With their trusted recommendations, influencers guide consumers through the crowded marketplace. People rely on their endorsement, which serves as social proof and provides an air of authenticity often missing in traditional advertising. But influencer marketing isn't just about finding and paying someone with a large social media following.

You’ll want to be picky with what you need, particularly in identifying influencers whose values align with your brand. To add, their followers should also be your target audience, and their style ideally complements your message as a brand. When done right, it's a partnership that brings value to both parties, turning influencers into genuine brand advocates.

  • Youth-centered marketing

Gen Z isn't merely the upcoming wave of shoppers; they're already a force to be reckoned with in the marketplace. With an annual purchasing power of USD$ 44 billion, this group accounted for more than 40% of all U.S. consumers as of 2020.

Wondering what sets Gen Z apart from other generations? They have this innate digital fluency and demand for authenticity and social responsibility. Simply placing your product in front of them won’t cut it. If you want to catch their interest and gain their loyalty, you have to resonate with their values, engage with them on their preferred platforms, and speak their language.

Effective youth-centered digital marketing also requires versatility. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with a generation that grew up multitasking on multiple screens, easily shifting from one app to another. So, your strategy needs to be just as agile, jumping seamlessly from Instagram stories to TikTok challenges, from influencer collaborations to real-world activism. Doing so won’t just allow you to get a moment of their attention; you become part of their narrative.

  • Short-form videos

Did you know that 93% of marketers using video in their social media campaigns consider it crucial? What's more, short-form videos grab consumer attention 2.5 times better than longer ones. These are designed to fit into the fast-paced scrolling habit of social media users, providing a burst of content that’s easy to absorb while leaving a lasting impact.

Shorter videos catch the eye, deliver a clear message, and then let the viewer continue on their way. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels are perfect for this type of engagement. Use them wisely and you can have the power to turn viewers into followers and followers into customers.

Short-form videos may be brief, but they’re also an opportunity for brands to show creativity, agility, and a finger on the pulse of social trends. The key is to ensure the videos are short yet compelling. Balance entertainment and information to make your message not only memorable but also worthy of sharing, amplifying your brand’s reach and impact.


  • Voice search and smart speakers

‘Hey Siri, find the best route to success in advertising.’

Okay, it’s not that simple, yes. But surely, you can agree that voice search and smart speakers are becoming indispensable tools. Especially, in today’s fast-paced digital lifestyles. The growing popularity of gadgets such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant is changing how consumers search for information and interact with brands.

You may think voice search is just another form of typing. Experienced digital marketers, however, look at this tool from an entirely different perspective. Voice search brings new customer behaviors and expectations. To add, it makes searches more conversational, all while happening on the go.

And what about smart speakers? These devices offer a platform for more interactive and personalized content. They provide an opportunity to enter households, becoming a part of daily routines like morning news briefings or evening cooking sessions.

Imagine how your brand can offer value in these moments. Consider, tailored tips, news updates, or even a quick joke to lighten the mood. Tapping into this ecosystem of apps and services can open up new avenues for targeted advertising trends and brand engagement.


So, there you have it—the trends every digital marketing agency is watching in the ever-changing landscape of advertising. By staying one step ahead and daring to innovate, you set yourself up to become a standout in your field. Thus, allowing you to hit your growth targets.

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