The Best Mass Texting Services in 2020


SMS mass texting services marketing is making waves in the digital marketing space as 48% of consumers prefer brand updates in the form of text messages. Brands have identified text messages as an effective,  direct and quick way of sharing information with their customers.

With the help of mass texting services, you can create, personalize, and send bulk sms text messages to your opted-in lists. In 2019 we saw text message marketing really begin to emerge as a viable and in-demand marketing method.  Here are some of the most innovative and best mass texting services to consider in 2020.

2020 Best Mass Texting Services List:

1. Trumpia


trumpia mass texting system

Trumpia starts with the same core features as other providers (e.g.: mobile keywords, 2-way texting, etc), which is great for common use cases like mobile number collection and mass texting. But if your campaigns require more sophistication than bulk blasting, that’s where Trumpia truly shines.

First, they offer Targeting that adds accuracy to each message. This is crucial because today, 79% of consumers expect to receive personalized engagement from businesses. Second, they offer Automated Workflows that carry out complex tasks for you that otherwise would take an entire team to operate. These are advanced features that are generally only found in more expensive marketing automation services.

2. JookSMS

Send mass text notifications, alerts, reminders, promos & much more with a leader in SMS mass message marketing, A campaign can be setup quickly, literally in just minutes. Try the platform for free with 250 Free Credits. No contract or credit card required to start. To dig deeper, request a free SMS marketing Demo with one of their client success representatives. 30 day free trial and monthly costs start at $10/month. Go test and see why several hundreds of companies are using JookSMS to grow their business with SMS Text messaging.

3. Message Launch

Message Launch mass texting system

Message Launch’s mass messaging software has three claims to fame. 1) They’re the only entry-level texting software that includes an effective email feature. It’s like having Mailchimp and a texting software fully integrated in one without having to manage two different CRMs. 2) They offer tools that capture targeting data from subscribers, so you can use that information to send only relevant messages. 3) Every user gets their own dedicated toll-free number which means no competition for keywords and accurate reply message routing. These 3 things along with all the features you’d expect from a capable texting software makes for a very competitive offering.

4. CodeBroker

CodeBroker Text Message Marketing Software is an enterprise solution that combines advanced features with ease-of-use. Since 2008, CodeBroker has delivered more than 3 billion promotion text messages for the biggest names in retail. CodeBroker Text Message Marketing Software includes the innovative SmartJoin, for building SMS marketing lists that capture full or partial CRM records, for higher-quality SMS lists. The CodeBroker solution is part of CodeBroker’s Offer Marketing Platform, a suite of applications that includes solutions for single-use coupons and a digital offer wallet.  Learn more at or contact us at [email protected].

5. SlickText

SlickText is a full-featured messaging service with features including polling, voting, contests, and drip campaigns. Clients also benefit from keyword management, personalization, and more. Inbound messages are free and outbound messages have a cap that varies depending on plan price. The service is budget friendly for the small business with a free option for the first 50 texts in a month. Then the service starts at $29/month. SlickText allows polls, contests, and other campaigns meant to enhance your digital marketing efforts. Slick Texting contact management feature enables the creation of customer groups, where bulk personalized messages can be sent. SlickText also supports data reporting for a more objective SMS marketing campaign.

6. SendPulse

SendPulse started out as a bulk email service and gradually turned into a multichannel marketing platform. At present, SendPulse allows marketers to send automated bulk SMS, email and web push marketing messages. The company, also, provides a Facebook messenger chatbot builder. 

When it comes to bulk SMS service, the platform enables users to send marketing messages to customers in over 200 countries.  

SMS service highlights:

  • Custom Sender Name
  • SMS automation
  • Message personalization 
  • SMS campaign statistics 

7. Mobile Text Alerts

Mobile Text Alerts has a simple interface that allows users to easily send effective SMS alerts, notifications, and marketing campaigns to help you drive sales and engagement. They also have a free mobile app for iOS and Android so you can send texts on the go, and friendly customer service if you ever have questions. Other features to help make sure you get the best ROI include MMS picture messaging, free inbound messages, the ability to schedule messages and drip campaigns, link tracking analytics, and other reporting. Plans start at $24/month.

8. TextMagic Bulk SMS Servicetext magic sms mass texting service

TextMagic is a fully featured business SMS platform to enhance communications and improve business operations. With such powerful software you may send notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS marketing campaigns. You may easily add text messaging to your business workflow by integrating TextMagic SMS gateway with your website or software using SMS API tools. Thus sending messages online to your team or customers will become even easier. If you want to know more details on TextMagic prices, you are welcome to contact their support team. There is also an option of 30 days’ free trial period and the lowest package fee starts from $10.

9. Omnisend

Omnisend is an omnichannel marketing automation platform.  SMS can be combined with email, push notifications and more channels to provide your customers with a personalized omnichannel experience in one marketing platform.
Visitors phone numbers could be collected by making use of Omnisend integrated SMS list building tools. Also, there are many useful Omnisend SMS features like Pre-Built SMS Automation Workflows, SMS Campaigns, Integrated Opt-Out Links, Built-In Link Shortener, SMS Channel Reports and more.
Moreover, Omnisend supports all country codes for SMS sending to reach international customers and drive conversions all over the world.

10. Pony Express HQ

Pony Express HQ is an SMS mass texting software on a strong growth curve. Pony Express HQ is designed to help companies effortlessly manage every aspect of an SMS marketing campaign. Its standout features include; Group texting: Create and send deals to specified groups, reminder messages, and news updates to large groups of customers. They offer two-way communication: It is not just a “push” medium where you send information but allows responses. After a contact response, you can pursue conversations at a 1-on-1 level.

Pony Express HQ also offers Message templates to help you quickly create, and an important feature it also provides is the ability to include multi-media elements. While other SMS services limit clients to text-only messages, Pony Express HQ allows you to send MMS elements such as picture text messages, emojis, videos, etc. Pricing uses credits and starts at a very affordable $7 for 250 text message credits. You can also send as low as 1 cent per text message.

Final Thoughts on Mass Texting Services

With email marketing becoming harder and harder to reach the primary inbox of individuals, the power of SMS marketing continues to grow.  When users are opted in, many have message notifications turned on and so not only is the text at the top of the message list but a push notification has alerted the user of the new message.  This means that text marketing is a clear way to get in front of your target audience. Hopefully this list of the best mass texting services can help your business take the next step forward in your sms marketing.