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Facebook Big Announcements and Linkedin Updates for the Week Ending August 17

Facebook Big Announcements and Linkedin Updates for the week ending August 17

Lots of changes to make Facebook a safer place for everyone to play. And new Website Demographics from LinkedIn. The better you’re able to analyze your visitors the better you’re able to focus your content directly for them. Facebook Facebook Addresses Link Cloaking Cloaking is when a company deliberately hides the true destination of an […]

What is Planoly for Instagram-315(1)

What is Planoly for Instagram?

If you produce or sell products with visual appeal, Instagram may be the unsung hero of your future marketing efforts. Instagram marketing isn’t as well publicized as its older social media cousins, but it offers great results when done correctly. It’s all about planning, concept, and consistency, and that’s kind of tough on any platform. […]

6 Ways Ecommerce Brands Market Themselves Without Being Pushy-315(1)

6 Ways Ecommerce Brands Market Themselves Without Being Pushy

If there’s one thing people hate, it’s being told what to do. If your marketing campaign is exclusively based on telling people to do something (i.e. buy your product). Then, unfortunately, you’re unlikely to find much success. But how can you do marketing without being too pushy? After all, marketing is about trying to persuade […] for Photo and Video Animations for Photo and Video Animations

Snapchat has enjoyed its reign among youth and young adults, but it’s got to look out for strong competitors like Instagram and other upstarts like Lumyer. Compatible with both iOS and Android, Lumyer offers a comprehensive set of high-resolution effects that go beyond dog ears or flower crowns. Its aim is to augment reality by […]

Social Media and Facebook Updates for week ending 7/6

Social Media Updates for Facebook and Twitter

Things continue to change in social media!  There’s never a “dull moment” (or week) in social. These are key social media updates I think you’ll want to be aware of. Facebook Facebook Safety Check If you’re in an area affected by crisis or natural disaster you can check in with your loved ones via Facebook. […]

Landscape by Sprout Social- Streamlined Image Resizing for Social Media

Landscape by Sprout Social: Streamlined Image Resizing for Social Media

74% of marketers include visuals on social media. On Twitter, posts with images get 150% more retweets! With the emphasis on visuals in social media, creating visual content is a priority. There is an ideal image size for each social media platform. For the top platforms, the ideal image sizes for profile photos are: Facebook […]

What is Facebook Messenger Day and How Do You Use it for Business-315

What is Facebook Messenger Day and How Do You Use it for Business

In its quest to be the one-stop shop for social media, Facebook recently launched another tool called Messenger Day.  Even though Messenger Day does bear many similarities to Snapchat Stories, it has unique features worth exploring that position it as a potential Snapchat rival. It’s worth noting that Messenger has 1.2 billion active users since […]

Facebook and Social Media Updates for week ending 518

Recent Facebook Updates as of May 18, 2017

New Group Features for Facebook!!!! Before people join your group, make sure they’re the right fit Woo Hoo, now you can make sure the people who join your group are the right fit for your group. Facebook now gives admins the ability to ask people requesting group membership 3 questions. Bottomline If you’re using a […]

Using Facebook Marketing to Grow your Email List

Facebook Marketing offers great opportunities for reaching your ideal audience. One reason to use it is to grow your email list.  In this podcast I cover key ways you can use Facebook Marketing to grow your email list. In this episode, I dive into 10 ways to use Facebook Marketing to grow your email list. Ready […]

FoundonTack Review - 315

FoundonTack Review

Putting your company’s identity onto a social media platform inherently involves more direct communication with: customers, associates, rivals, the potential trolls, and so on. While the Instagram interface is good for interacting with people, it’s not spectacular at analyzing their behaviors and measuring marketing impact. That’s why I love the world of Cloud services. I […]